Life (still) as a Teacher, Lunch Food and Everything in General; Also Much Love to Chu

Chu’s 8 year old daughter sketched this. Isn’t that amazing? The curve of the rose petals and stalk. ❤ Also her 11 year old boy is taking a Hi-Brown belt in Taekwando. I have no idea how the system go but it is somewhere very near to a BLACK BELT.


Seriously, there has to be a cheaper international postage soon. Or that I get REALLY RICH now.

Talked to Chu just now after a while and a little bit of me hate that I can’t have all the time with her. Those where we bitch and laugh about things in general and her hearing how much I love Naoto over a million times.

One thing Chu said that really touched my heart was, she noticed that through this teaching job, I appeared to have ignited a passion. Mum had said something similar but as always I never paid attention to it. After all I still feel that it was the Universe who conspired to let Xingible have another go at childhood, by meeting the best children in the world.

Towards the end of class yesterday, I was hurrying this one wonderful girl to quickly wrap up her craft as Mummy is waiting to fetch her home. She was filled with pride and a little shyness when she kept telling me that I must piece together what she cut myself.


When I finally marry Naoto, I will tell him that he among the last few to first say “I love you” to me and give me hugs.

I swear I also started brawling at the table but one more boy was hanging around waiting for his Mum so I have to go on with everything.


It first started when this little girl asked how to spell my name. She is quite a character herself and I thought she had really wanted to call me by name. After I wrote Yuxing, she asked how do I spell Teacher.

I want to say that I am a amazing human, but, I have to first admit that it is them kids who do MORE for me. If these are all made in Anime, you will see me going out and about and every moment them angel are blessing me.

There is a beautiful saying, that when people meet, it is that their soul already agreed so back in time. And time is an illusion.

All in all, seeing them everyone is genki and bright, I considered my work done. Sure, there is an infinite amount that I can improve on. But for now I am really proud. Really, really, really, REALLY proud of myself.

I think we all need to pat ourselves on the shoulder and believe and KNOW that we did very good jobs. I don’t mean never improving and staying in delusion that we are better than we thought.

Thing is, few, REALLY few people would over estimate themselves, and worst, live in a twisted delusions. If so, they would have been deemed too unfit to go out around in society. So YOU reading this, acknowledge your own work and by your own means go forward.

There are a lot of noises in this world. And I have seen many of the genuinely nice people losing and lost it to the negative sounds. I think this also come with age (sorry kids! Zen folks are most of the time oldddd~~), I find myself not bothered to “argue for myself” and/or “justify” things. Some folks need to have their truth be THE Truth. It is really not my job to correct them. Still it is a little sad that often they are taking up people’s negativity and re-dumping it to others.

I used to have this reallyyyy good looking guy friend. He was sO charming and cute (adorable kind of cute), and quite intelligent to add. However… he never felt good about himself coz he is shorter than most guys.

He had a crush on me and went out of his way to connect with me, by travelling across the country (ok, SG is small though, so it is some 2-ish hour commute) to get in the same temporary job as me.

He was never direct with his feelings and well, I was falling quite a bit for him. One day and over a few times he would suddenly get angry (like literally) that I was hunching and people would think that I am trying to match his height.

I didn’t thought much about it and just think that this person is crazy.

So often people take in the un-delicious thing people have for them, ruin themselves and spill over to others..

Unless they are people you cherish, if not don’t bother. The poison is not so much what happened, it is on did we take in all the junk.

I also have this “friend” who would only send me messages on my birthday to talk ALL ABOUT HIMSELF and throw in a wishing as disguise. One time at the peak of my irritation, I had wanted to ask him to f off. A sane friend asked, why bother.

I then blocked the former on a mobile chat app.

Knowing that he got blocked, I recently receive yet another message on FB.

I really cannot understand why someone can make the effort to figure out that he got blocked on an phone app, looked up for me on FB, send yet another message ALL ABOUT HIMSELF but never bothered to add me as a friend, or call. And from what I know, other than the 3rd of March, there are still 364 days in a year right?? And some year 365 more.

I reckon that there is nothing I can do if a person is bend on living their truth. If I force my truth on them, I am then the villain (I will call myself Evilible and not Xingible). The reason why he cannot enter my league of friends is because he is only about himself and never made a single effort to reconnect.

And surely, even if he make contact, I too will never connect back.

So, be a decent human. If not we will keep losing things. Life can flash past very quickly, and since most of us here are not sages of coz there will be grief and frustration in life. I am already on my way to 32. Thanks for the birthday pack again Chu.

I never missed the dramas and time wasted in anger over other’s gunk.

If get to live all over again, I will take on more subjects as a child. I don’t mean squeezing in 20 subjects, try to learn as much as possible, get into inter-school quizzes and all. Go for exchange and all.

And in my teens I will be the most fanatic JPOP fan ever. So far I only visited Osaka coz of Daito Shunsuke. I fell in love with Osaka and much of west Japan later and that was one of the many best things of my life. I have emotionally broke off the unilateral relationship with Daito though.

So 28th of December was a very special day for me. I am seeing Daito and Naoto in the same space and… :3 Look at Naoto. I don’t know what happened, it looked like he felt hot suddenly.

Daito and Naoto even met in real life. I wonder when is my turn.

Contrary to popular belief, I really didn’t started liking Okinawa bcoz of Orange Range. It was more the opposite.

So, what I am telling myself is, if one day someone can come around with a bag of negativity and decided to give me an un-delicious slice. That my English is bad, and that this and that. (One thing I notice is, few people are really good with their language, even if you are professionally trained (schooling, classes and all), our hand movement simply don’t match 100% with what our brain thinks. That is why all books have editors. People re-read their stuff. Also, a scientific journal is of no value to a child looking for a book to learn maths. So is a maths book to a toddler looking for picture books, so, do we deem the authors of these books bad?)

I would be sure enough that it is just one voice over a sea of people. The few things I remember from my statistic class is, the smallest sample size is still a 1,000. If we were to based our self-worth on ONE SINGLE person.

It is always a happy thing to chat with like-minded people about my travel and see them smile. I think the connecting with people is one of the best things from my travels. Speaking of which, Okinawa, may I meet with you again sOOOOooon enough.

Also, I still have my plan to travel through all 47 prefectures of Japan. Okinawa you got me stuck on loving only you~~~ ❤


Some weeks back a 5 year old kid bought flowers to Goddess Sensei. The flowers dried perfectly. The thing about schools is, there is always this good vibe around, I don’t know why. Maybe the very actions and idea of learning has power.

This is one reason why I like my Japanese school so much.

Lesson in the night today.

I totally can’t remember if I posted my new study plan here, about me cutting up books. I just found out that I can focus on the previous chapters on my current textbook first.

Ok!! Food.

Vegan Soy Burger.

I had thought that the patter was gonna be a slab of Tofu or Dried Tofu, but guess what, somehow it was made to fibres like REAL meat. It was good. I miss vegetarian food so much. And yup, I thought of Morgan Sensei.


Korean style Western Fast Food.


8 years ago I went to a month’s summer school in Seoul. I still think back upon it sO fondly. And every year I hope to travel with a group of friends. I fell in love with Kimchi and it is still my favourite. Until now, whenever it rains, I want to have spicy Korean soup dish. Was there during the rainy season.

I still miss those days so much but not in a way that I want to go back. Going back won’t make me happy too.

So young people reading this, clear the negative and live your life in love. Everything will be gone sooner than we felt. It will be gross to realise that we didn’t live our own lives when we are about to die.

Prata and Teh Tarik! (Milk Tea)

Thought of dear Morgan Sensei too. God bless his kind soul.


Yong Tau Foo with Chee Cheong Fun. Yong Tau Foo are mainly Tofu and different vegetables stuffed with fish paste. And Chee Cheong Fun are rolled up rice-flour dough sheets.


Several weeks back colleagues and I have ARMY STEW. WOOOhooo!! I beat the system. I managed to have ARMY STEW with a group. Frankly I was wondering when I can eat it again when I unfriend my last local friend. A lot of people joke about not having friends when they actually have a lot of friends. I wish I can make such a nasty joke.


This place has stuffed dukbokki.


So CUTE! The purple babies has some sort of a sweet yam. SO GOOD.


And that is one ENTIRE WEDGE of giant cheese. It was warmed and then scooped into our soup. :3 SO GOOD.


Gotta go for lessons soon and make payment for my next term. THIS IS BIG NEWS coz after 2012… I have no official progress on my Japanese studies. Oh, save for that one time in my old school. How did my teacher love me. She must be amazing. And damn. I do miss her at times.


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