BIG ANNOUNCEMENT and a Whole Lot of Happy Stuff (Bonus: Scientific Knowledge about Pollen Allergy and History of Ryukyu)

I signed up for my Pre-Advance 2, Term 2, class last night. I did the payment during the break and when I returned to the rooms, folks were giving me kind looks. That was how much joy I radiated.



The whole big deal was, since 2012, I haven’t progressed officially. Finally the upgrade came!!! Props to me!!!

It feel all surreal. I almost asked the staff if I really progressed but good that I stopped myself in time if not I will appear so ridiculous.

So far I am coping so well in the class I have to say I am a STAR. :3 I have good rapport with everyone and I am going forward well too. The insane part is I am actually using all the grammar patterns and whatnots. 皆さん、こんにちは、私は日本語が話せますよ。

The Bff I Haven’t BFF With

Next thing is, after these few weeks, I figured that my favourite girl is not in the same class as me. Likely she was in the same class the few times coz she had her replacement class with us.

I am not anti-etiquette nor I have something against social rules, just that only once in a while an awesome person came by who doesn’t observe much rules. Yet, they are so nice I can immediately tell them that I love Naoto and they won’t steal him from me.

So this girl was putting up her leg on the next chair and at the same time had her tablet propped up with a group chat going on.

Frankly, I agree that to take in all the materials in class, one shouldn’t be looking into other stuff. But at the same time, not of us are well-practiced in that. A right dose of “distraction” actually do us better.

The Graceful Older Lady

There is another other lady in her 60s in our class. She could be in the 70s too. I really can’t tell.

She is always the earliest for class and she has really gorgeous dresses and a great figure. I am really envious for real. Though I like my body.

She too is the one who would ask questions, participate and really strike conversations with others. She has a Chinese accent but speaks perfect Singaporean English and she will at times ask others during pair work what is what. She is just sO classy and girly.

One time we chatted on our way up to class and she told me that she took up Japanese as a way to work her brain. She too doesn’t use Japanese at work (and she too thought I was a student :3). Doctors had told her that she has signs of brain slowing and has medication ready. But she doesn’t want to take that route as there will be no turning back upon taking back medication.

I noticed that for a few times she pulls with her a gorgeous polka dot mini rolling luggage (and she has a matching pencil case!) and I wondered if she has a lot of documents to bring to and fro work. Until one time our teacher commented that she has a large bag and she said she has her dance clothing and class notes all inside. A big bag is convenient for everything.

Now, ever wonder what others think of me? We all live from our own point of views and seldom we have a clear idea of ourselves.

Today is pretty much a lazy afternoon. I wonder how long will I get to have my off days on the weekdays. It is somehow awesome, to go out and about when it is not crowded. I guess the only down side is that one won’t have too much family time and hanging out with friends is impossible. But hey! Remember?? I have no friends and meeting Morgan Sensei on the weekday at his workplace for tea is awesome.

Yeah, this is my perk. For this I can see Morgan Sensei as frequently as I like.

An then, my only other friend is in America.

And speaking of which… I finally know the horror of pollen allergy.


This is a view of Chu’s deck a couple of years back. And Spring time pollen is just like the pollen version of SG Haze at 100 and above PSI. *shudders*

To think I had thought that it was that some people are sensitive and that is why they got all the eye and nasal irritations.

Next!! This morning is insane. It the 2nd consecutive day that I went out for breakfast and met the same amazing elderly server. Yesterday she was confronting her colleague about some dispute. Apparently during work time she went to the bakery to grab some bread (everything is in a mall so she will be back real quick). And someone has to complaint to the management about it.

I notice, some people can really go around being rather indecent. Yes, technically this elderly did wrong. But she only did that coz during off peak the restaurant is otherwise empty. I can literally walk in, sit down and no one will chase me off.

And the toilets are actually further. Do people all have to get mad if she had instead went to the toilet and no one tends the cashier? It is good to abide by the rule, but we need not be so rigid and go make others and everyone and even one ownself miserable.

This elderly staff was so serious in her work. I can see all the effort she put in serving me. I love her. Thank you for making my day sO pleasant right in the morning.

I hung around the mall later and saw her walk around the floor where the restaurant is. KEEP THE SASSY ATTITUDE LADY!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Next!! I think it will soon be time when I talk about how the whole worlds wants to be my friend.

I had to look a few times and tap back to check if this is the REAL Jim Kwik.


I didn’t tag my IG post and it was written in Japanese. No idea how I was found.


Of coz I had to boast about it and post the Like screenshot and tagging Jim. I took had been called stupid and have subjects forcefully removed coz teachers think I can’t do it. I am a pre-school enrichment teacher now.

Jim replied and my life is made.

Boss san can now dismiss me and I be on my way to Okinawa and breath the same air as Yamato~ ❤ ❤ ❤ Which is also the air Naoto breaths.

Checkout this video. It is only 5:55 minutes long.

Really, I am now a fangirl of Mindvalley now. I hope that education will move on to be as awesome. Then we don’t just cramp in information.

And and and and… Why is there a Robin Sharma?? I also got a reply from him after I commented on his IG. And yup I am on his Mindvalley course on Hero.Genius.Legend. I totally didn’t wake up at 5am everyday but the journaling helped me so much I can’t even.


There are a lot of skeptics, like yeah, those were their staff, nothing to be happy about and all. Still, what good is there if I lock myself away?

I really love reaching out to people and learning from what all these masters have to say. And you know something funny? It is often the half-past 6 people who have all the excuses. Unknowingly they keep encircling about a life that is sub-optimum and never look at different ways to get out and improve.

Going back to the journaling, I actually finished a notebook (left). I totally didn’t finish any notebooks since… 2009.

The new one I got is by Monologue. I now understand the goodness of a well made notebooks. And seriously it is not pink and in orange becoz… yes, ORANGE RANGE.


Now, do you guys know that Orange Range is Orange Range becoz Naoto (and ex-drummer Katchan formed the band first) took his mother’s lucky colour to be in the band’s name?

I don’t know about you guys but this man is an utter gem. And in many interviews he spoke about how his favourite person is his mother and he want to be a person like his Mum. Yamato also said that Naoto Mummy is really lovely. Being able to love one’s family sO much is a sign of a great man.

And Naoto works with Riefu, Riefu is goddess.

And all the Hiroyama siblings are so cute. The twins are naoto’s older brothers.

I also found a new life ware store in my neighbourhood.

I did not.


Everything almost got too heavy for me to bring home.


And it surprises me so much that folks can now have their SOFT BOILED EGGS packed away. O_O And this is a packet-ed soy sauce.


And yup!! I have been diligently reading up on where I had my past life.


This book solved so many of the questions I had with China, Ryukyu (modern day Okinawa), Japan and south east Asia. Definitely a great buy although it is cost me some $90++ SGD and it was my first purchase from Amazon US.

And to Chu, if you read till here and didn’t get bored by my love towards the Hiroyama brothers, here is a piece of funny thing:

When I first opened the book, I thought it smell like the stuff you sent me. SO!! America has a distinct book smell. Isn’t that incredible?? O__O


And history history!!!

The major start of Japan’s invasion of Ryukyu was like this (around the 16th century), one day they marched into Ryukyu, kidnapped the King and the 3 highest minsters and kept them in Tokyo for 3 years. Forcing the King to pledge a series of loyalty to them.

In a sense, Ryukyu was not immediately annexed into Japan all because this might potentially spark China to send over an army and/or cease all trade with Japan. And Japan had a closed door policy back then and needed those trade.

China have had great relationship with Ryukyu because for sometime Ryukyuan ships were like their agent. Japanese pirates was crazy between those seas so China banned all local sea trade; some Chinese were collaborating with the Japanese pirates.

Things went on and soon Ryukyu as an agent was not needed. And Japan just took Ryukyu, making them drop their customs, culture and be Japanese in 1879.

The Battle of Okinawa happened in 1945 and Okinawa was only returned to Japan in 1972.

Okinawans has the spirit of いちゃりばちょーでー. That is once we meet, we are brothers. ❤

And Xingible loves Okinawa a lot. ❤ ❤ ❤

Visited this ice rink last week. I used to come by here a lot. It is just relaxing looking at people skate.


How have everyone been?? ❤


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