ArtPeace WOOHOO!! (6 and 7!)

I am beginning to think that SIX is my lucky number. The connection I made with ArtPeace 006 is just insane. It made me want to drop everything and go drawing away.

Frankly there are other connections made along the way and No. 6 just tipped everything into KABOOMZ.

Recently saw iamSHUM’s rendition of Tinsagu Nu Hana on Youtube and damn, he is sO gorgeous I cannot.

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昨日テザームービーを📽公開しました😆🙌 ・ ・ 皆様見ていただけたでしょうか? まだの方はプロフィールのURLからJumpして見てね🔥 ・ ・ そして今週の金曜日はSoundCloudに新曲「You’re My Everything」の音源を公開予定🎵 ・ ・ AメロやBメロも聴けちゃうのでお楽しみに✨ ・ ・ そして来週の月曜日はとうとうMusic VideoをオフィシャルYouTube に公開します❤️ ・ ・ その後も最新情報まだまだ満載なのでお見逃しなく👍 #Iamshum #teamiam #sweetdream #edm #mens #mensfashion #menshair #mensstyle #menshairstyle #mensmodel #menshaircut #mensclothes #mensapparel #portrait #portraitphotographer #portraitphotography #portraitsnyc #portraiture #portraits #ootd #outfitoftheday #outfit #fashion

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And I got a re-post from the SHUM SHUM SHUM himself. I was literally grinning to myself for one entire week. Until this moment and I don’t think it will wean off any time soon.

*melts in to a warm puddle of Xingible*

ArtPeace 007

The charcoal pencils set from Chu!!


I am so in love with these pencils!!! =D

Needed a sharpener with a bigger slot for the charcoal pencils.


Finally got to use my blenders!!! They are softer than expected.


My profile picture now!! ❤ Thank you Chu!!!



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