I Can Seiza Now and My First Waist Aches in Years

In the beginning of this job, my weekly woes were knee pains from kneeling on the floor. Given the height of the kids’ desk and etc, it is best for me to be in Seiza when I talk to them and assist them on table work. Sitting on the kids’ chair does the job too but at times I just Seiza in front of them.

Thankfully, the pains was never those internal-joint-pain kind of pain. It was merely my own weight bruising my own knees. Not due to Seiza-ing but when somehow I knelt along the way.

Soon, I am so used to this I forgot all about what happened.

Just yesterday, I started telling the kids that if they run away from their seats and wander around, I will carry them back. And to my surprise!!!! one of the twins got sO happy about it, he was like, “YES. Carry me, carry me.”

6 year olds are pretty heavy for me so I failed my people.

While helping put in the 4 year old class, again I said this to a child. Halfway he was rolling on the floor so I just held him up. He was so happy about it and started saying, “You cannot carry me because you have no strength.”

I was morally defeated.

Again I had to heave him up the 2nd time when he went sprawling on the floor. And then, he curled his legs up, effectively making himself being carried by me.

He went all giggly.

I thought it was all fun until I went home and suddenly the aches came out from the back of my waist. Not sure how to describe where but kinda like the back version of where the 11 abs should be.

Suddenly it just hit me. If really I were to start exercising my core muscles, it would be for carrying kids.

My life have been modified.



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