Another Mobile Post

And so… I aligned myself with the on-travel mode feeling and somehow still stayed in Singapore.

It has been THREE months since I dropped my Biz Japanese class and “down graded” to a regular Pre-Advance class. And everything have been perfect, perfect, PERFECTO.

Starting next week, I will be in Term Two, TWO, TWO.

Everything is such a BIG LEAP for me. Those that I can safely say, I did my best and I have no regrets. *munch on chips and sleep in late*

3 summary tests this term and my results went from somewhere in the mid 30+, to 41 and finally today 45. I even got a note from the teacher.

I have sO much that I want to blog about but only have this much time. I still love Okinawa A LOT, Naoto is still gorgeously adorable (and it is his 34th birthday tomorrow), AND TOTALLY ALL THE STORIES ABOUT MY KIDS IN SCHOOL. Next time people ask me deep life questions, I be saying, yeah, one day I got a new lease to life by working with kids. Everything is so magical, I believe our souls agreed to meet in this NOW.

I am on a train home now. Look at my pink shoe.


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