Daiso Shopping and ORIGAMI BURGER!!

(I am continuing this on the EIGHT of May. It is dear Naoto’s 35th birthday. I forgot and thought it was his 34th. I am not his No.1 fan anymore. May Naoto stay as pure and as adorable always. Thank you for always shinning in your light!)

It is the 1st of May today and it is also my regular off day. Together with my Japanese school’s term break last night, it felt like I have been having a really loooooong break.

Spent my Monday afternoon looking for art materials at Daiso.


Till then I was still reading up on how to fold a burger.


Of coz I don’t want this to happen again but since bumping a penknife into my finger, I think I sould have more plasters with me.

Found TWO pairs of craft scissors at ONLY $2!!!



The handles can be pulled out and fixed onto the zig-zag pair.

Kids are sO cute, when they saw these, some thought that it was broken, some wondered how we use a handle-less scissors. Also, for the first time I realise how scary it is for kids to hold regular scissors. The scissors are just sO huge in their small hands. I immediately went on panic mode and banned all scissors in the room. Unless I am supervising. Better still, nope, nope, nope.

For some reason one boy is always asking for Origami star. I failed him for TWO entire weeks. I think these will do the trick.




I have been making these since I was 5 or 6. However, it took me till 31, THIRTY ONE, to realise that this whole is an art. AN ART. Wound the strip too tightly or loosely and the star will warp. You have to BE in the THE FLOW to get it right.

Some people get it and all came out right.

Folks like me need to get into the zone. For each star.

My own scissors. Which kids picked up. BANNED.


I notice that kids love using “rainbow colour.” At times they literally use a BUNCH of colour pencils to try this effect.



I found the legendary REAL Rainbow Pencils.


And they are made in Japan.

(Btw I also introduced to kids Japanese Sumo Wrestling. I also talked about Sakura and Hanami/Flower viewing the other time. I think my life is made. MADE MADE MADE.)



I wasn’t expecting much from the Rainbow pencils but… I think life got biased and blessed me TRICE or even more.

My kids not only loveeeeeeeeeeeeee them, they were so happily triggered. BEST MONEY SPENT.

And I don’t know what I did these days. I wish I can brag about it and call it my own merit, but we all know this is by grace. Ever since little J did this, I got more children looking at me like they saw AN ANGEL. 

Next, EIGHT!! quality glitter pens at $2!!! *rolls around into a fluffy happy ball*



I was expecting some shabby quality but!!! Bless these good pens. Amazing. ❤


It is slowly getting onto me that I can no longer fail my people. I bought more colour paper to finish my task/s.

Origami book belongs to Goddess colleague. I took it home. ROFL. But it doesn’t bother anyone.


So, we had more time 2 weeks ago and I can’t even make this simple burger. Little V told me to try it at home.


I used up all Beginner’s Luck. I actually got this perfect on first fold.



They were crappy afterwards. I totally forgot about it and gave V this burger. ;___;



I think children are one of the people who can see the real intention behind a gift. V was SO HAPPY with this burger. I felt like I reached pure consciousness and I will be able to never bother about mortal affairs anymore.

And before she go home, she told me, “can you also make the same burger for everyone next week??”





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