A Hot Day in Singapore

23 minutes past my usual sleep time.

The HOT season has started and it is such that all things foam and fabric smell permanently sun-dried.

There are so many goodie-good things that I want to talk about. Like my giant prawns and hamburg C.U.R.R.Y c-h-e-e-s-e OMURICE this afternoon and my gorgeous new pair of white shoes. Apparently I walked so much, the soles of my older shoes are smoothing out while the top are still good as new.

I am still missing Okinawa a lot. Is there another word for missing?? I am HEARTSICK for Okinawa. Yeah. Much better.

A really insane thing today goes…


This is totally a legit reason to go back to Japan.

I can’t explain it all here about why, but this is totally an utter miracle to me.

I feel like a part of my heart returned too. SERIOUS.

And yup, Takeshi Hosomi still looks 18. EIGHTEEN.

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