ArtPeace 8, 9, 10; ArtPeas 11

ArtPeace 008

Robin Sharma’s Hero.Genius.Legend on Mindvally, Day39. Yes, Xingible has super powers.

Yup, this is a real homework.


ArtPeace 009

Wrongly labelled at 008! THE Mobile Prince. He is a real-life prince for real. I am not even kidding.



ArtPeace 010

I reached double digit!!

ELLEGARDEN is back after 10 years. WOOHOOHOOO~~~




I only got to know them right after they went into indefinite hiatus. For some reason I held this void since then. That I am a little too late. I am not crazy over them but boy, the void felt empty.

I almost cried in the train the moment I saw that they are back.

ArtPeas 011

Day 1 on this and it ain’t that hard! There is a grammar error somewhere.


Compare the colour pencils to the orange ink. Notice how dull the inks are? But I feel that the brightness died down starting from the green.\

BYE GUYS! I will be starting my Pre-Advance 2 TERM 2 Japanese class laterz!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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