Xingible Art Supplies! A Lesson on Transient Beauty of Things ç‰©ã®å“€ã‚Œ

Wow, wow, wow!! When I first started this Art Project with Chu, I was still using stuff that somehow survived since I was in SECONDARY school. A year plus later, I have so much stuff to the point I have to record them down.

Basically the main bulk of items are still the same as the previous loggings. Threw away some dried markers and that was it. I would say I gotten more tools this round AND HANDS-ON stuff. Are you proud of me Chu?? And Ebibody!! My art went 3D!!!

First up, not really art supply per say but this multi-compartment box.


My Origami has turned 3D. So it is easier to bring these stars to class.

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#物の哀れ。Appreciating the fleeting nature of beauty. I first started giving kids #Origami on Week 2 of our very first trial classes. It was to show them what is 2D and 3D. I made paper balls out of a piece of paper. For some reason unknown these paper art are calming kids down and all those. Soon I realised one thing, magical and beauty as they are, they are also short-lived. A few more touches and it gets crumpled and off it go as waste paper. Some kids even start dismentling everything and crushing it all as they are curious about how it all goes about. I used to get disappointed about it but, that is the way of things sometime. What matters most is it brought joy to them children. Nothing last forever, some last even shorter.

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Using Origami with kids got me to realise the transient beauty of things. The kids love it! But these paper don’t last and one or two handling can crumple them already. I also have kids who are sO curious of how a flat piece of paper can become 3D, that they totally dismantle/crush the whole thing.

I used to feel angry about it, but why focus on the negative? Why not just appreciate how it all is? It makes everyone better. I believe NO children damage something with malice. Ever try asking pre-schoolers to raise their left and right hands together with you while you stand opposite?

We are talking about little angels who are still trying to grasp left and right.

Talking about tools. I have a stitching kit now. Which seems to be on indefinite hiatus. xD Charcoal set from Chu, Wavy and Zig Zag scissors and Origami papers.

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I can do this. For my tribe.

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And glitter pen set.

And… I only bought this coz it is PINK. And that it is Pentel’s HI-POLYMER – SOFT.


After getting them in secondary school, I can never go back to other erasers.

Forgot my pencil case today and decide to just buy something and see how it goes. After all this was how I discovered the Uni-ball Signo RT. One of my favourite pen everrrrrr!!!





Everything is pretty, pretty and the little shapes looks like a magic wand!



Bleeds through paper though!!




And I don’t even know where to start!! My new muse gotta be bar files!! Perfect for notes that are too thin to be binded.



Apparently in paper world, there is a size call the P5. They are for letters. Also meaning if I use these P5 bar files, my A4 paper be jutting out  little. ;____; I think I will use them for other things. Like my cut up books.



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