I Published My Own Book!

The new Milk Tea Panna Cotta Cream Frappuccino is THE BOMB. And I got a free upgrade. VIVA Starbucks card!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


Found my dream pen case at ArtFriend. ❤


Not bad! Milk Tea from Daiso.


The other day tubs with tissues in them were resting on the window ledge of the classroom. I don’t know what happened. In my Japanese class.




How do the science works??


And why, why, why are these pencils shaped this way??


MOS Burger has a bit of an image-change and…


I keep going back to MOS for the Mustard Sauce. I was telling folks at work that when one day this love fades, I will feel THE emptiness.


Lesson this week was the amazing.

Kids and me made our 1-Page story books and presented it to the class. ❤ ❤ ❤



My first book is about Ishida Yusuke and kids were sO impressed that he cycled around the world for SEVEN years and touched that his Mum went to the temple to pray for him everyday.

May I meet Mr Ishida one day. I NEED TO TELL HIM THIS STORY.

Of coz, this was my 2nd book.



Guess which is my Naoto. ❤

I don’t know what happened but I was faced with a hopping mad Boss san when she learned what happened. To save my ass I ran out of the room to prepare story boards of Aesop Fables as instructed.

Children learned about hardwork and persistent and a mother’s love from Ishida’s story. For Orange Range, it was friendship as Yoh and Naoto knew each other since Kindergarten. A girl told me that means FOREVER. ❤ My heart exploded with love. If I really meet Orange Range, I will tell them. I promise. I will put asking Naoto to marry after this.

Since having children write and present their story is wrong, I thought I can tell them a good tale. As we are a Japanese programme taught in English, why not Momotaro?? =D


The first batch of kids LOVE the new foreign stuff they were looking at!!

And lovingly, they all got the teamwork, friendship and even though you are small, you can do great things too idea. LOVELY!!

For the next class we looked out for other fairytales within and it was fun!!

Just when I thought this was one of our best lesson, Boss san stormed in and wanted to chew on my ass.

“Can we stick to the initial plan?”

What plan?? Apparently every week, hers, Goddess colleague and MY times is spent on rehearsals which did nothing for the final class. Why, why, why??

And becoz I am rebellious shit, this is my 3rd book. MUAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAaaaa!!!



Last week Boss san told one of my kid’s Dad maybe he would want to send the boy for assessment, like maybe the boy is hyperactive or having special needs.

I silently rolled my eyes a few times.

I am not doctor but, if Boss san really thinks so, she is being crazy to allow the boy in a regular class, and with ONLY one teacher. I don’t know how long this situation is gonna last despite my kids running out of our centre and a whole bunch of stuff.

When there was still an assistance teacher, there was ZERO issues. All WAS PERFECT.

I tried to get Snow kun Sensei in but apparently both me and Snow kun Sensei can’t help much. Snow kun Sensei is also a soft toy.

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My mum started moving Snow Kun Sensei around the house and tells me that it was HIM who moves around. 😆😆😆 Meanwhile kids in my class are calling a cellphone as "the difficult phone," calling me by name and… "You love teaching more than Japanese food because you get money from teaching!!!" 最近ママはSnowくん先生を家に別々なところ置きます。あとは、“大変!白熊自分は動くことができる!!” クラスの子どもは: 🐰携帯電話 = 難しい電話 🐰私の名前だけ読んでいた。“どうして‘ユシン’だけできないの?なんで‘先生’を付きべきの??” 🌷ベスト:“ね!日本料理より仕事が好きの理由は、教師に役なら、お金がもらえるんね!!”

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I get that the issue might be me. And yet every week we are letting this sit by. Until I could no longer answer Boss san on what I was doing and what was I not doing. I can only looked down in wonderment of why no assistant teachers was assigned while I hastily packed up things for the next class; not before first running to assist in another class. I sensed a cold and deadly glare from Boss san before she walked out on me.

I did my best and I have no regrets.

Walnut muffin from one of my girl’s Mum. And it was my n-th time fixing back the colour pencils tab.


Fruit from Teacher B!


Translator I brought us 豆沙饼 from Malaysia. I LOVE THEM!!!



Mint chocolate from Translator S.


The night before this I received instant enlightenment. I am magical!!


I remember the good times in Okinawa where I have ice cream every breakfast. Hello Okinawa!!!




I had a super bad allergic reaction that night. Ice cream and cakes for myself.


My purple ink drowned in my blue MILDlighter. MILD IS A LIE.


I am also banned from doing Origami in class. But I am breaking the rule since kids sometimes come in 20-30 minutes before class and making them study will tire them before the class. ALSO!! Like I mentioned, ALL our rehearsals for ONLY my class, the time of THREE staff, always go wasted as we never get to prepared for the real thing.



B4 folder thingy. Some of my stuff are too big to be put in a box file and this makes reading on the train and while waiting for the bus easy.


More rainbow pencils and stickers. Last week Goddess Sensei and Teacher B was plotting of robbing a shop their stickers. They went on to say that Boss san can dispatch them to other centres to continue teaching in the event we get caught.

I think they are silly.


My latest muse.


And I cut my hair today.

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I finally cut my hair! 💗💇

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