Walalala!~ Life so Far!

Hello Ebibody!

Since the last post sO much happened and I couldn’t be happier!! My last day at work would be this 1st of July and the coolest thing about it all is I am still so proud of how I stayed collected and all.

Earlier this month I was suddenly given a verbal 2 month’s notice, followed by an accusation and asked if I have anything to say. Very similar to how it all started back in April. Surely I can make my retaliation, but I learned that often times people just want to live their own version of the truth and we need not make them follow ours or THE truth.

One of the thing was, I had no idea how sick Teacher B was that day. During lunch she still recorded her slightly hoarse voice to Goddess Colleague to joke about and then suddenly Boss san said that I was being a bad team player for not taking over her class.

I am pretty sure that Teacher B did not stab me in the back or anything. Plus I was already given notice, I see that I have nothing to fight for.

Adding to this I was not invited to join in the whole preparation of the school’s new classes, I really don’t know if I should butt myself in their project.

Finally the chronically unproductive rehearsals got abusive and I walked out. It was near knock off time so I gave the excuse that I was feeling sick. Which on an emotional level I really was.

Again the whole thing happened again the next day. Told Boss san that her bullying has to stop and until we can come to an honest talk, I am taking an unpaid day off. After a wall-of-text of her own sharing, I thanked her for her sharing and took 2 days of paid leaves as she suggested.

Came day 2 and I reminded about her our talk tomorrow. Again she shared A LOT. At one point I was tempted to retaliate, until I realise I shouldn’t be those kind of folks who type a bunch of stuff but have no courage to voice out in real life.

Also, Boss san could really be insane or a serious asshole trying to make me feel bad. One of the things she said was actually that I was so terribly mean to leave her out for lunch. ;__; I happened to have lunch with my parents and I laughed so hard that I actually felt kinda bad.

In the end I again thanked her for her sharing and accepted her offer to let me go on the 1st of July. So Boss! If you read this, remember to pay me accordingly.

A lot of folks feel sorry for me about what happened. Was my Boss an ass? I think going into the details would be unfair to her since just in February another teacher left and Boss told me that this teacher quit, but… from sources, this teacher, like me, was told to GTFO.

I will be forever grateful towards each kid I met. Like I mention previously, this whole thing was a giant gift the Universe arranged for me, that I get to relive my early childhood days and in such an awesome way.

Also, I managed to love my job so much all because passion already resides in me. I could be doing something entirely different and still be happy. So Chu, not working with children anymore is not something that is hurtful to me. And, what if the new teacher is actually a better fit to my current kids?

I genuinely LIKE my colleagues and also my Boss until she started treating me like a blight. So, I am leaving with so much love towards all them girls. And bias, bias, especially towards the translators, YOU GIRLS ARE SO GORGEOUSLY SMART!! I was always trying to show myself as smart-enough to them.

The happy times with Teacher B back in our old office, such a shame that our snacking habits can’t be continued right after we moved to the school. And Goddess Colleague. Nicknaming her that tells a lot.

And dear people, I did you all proud by still staying cute through this. I finally am able to not take on people’s junk and kill myself over it. I am so excited and hopeful about what is to come. For all I know I would travelling to Okinawa now to draw as a paid job. Who knows. None of us could dream that the fire rabbit that I am kept calm right??

CHU I DID YOU PROUD. I don’t know why Chu came to mind. But yeah, Chu I did you darn proud. xD


WOOOOO GUYS. Let me announce that I am now enrolled in a JLPT N2 Preparation class. I have been wanting to join one since 2012 but either the class didn’t start due to lack of students or this and that. Finally took one in September in 2015 and it was too much of a rush.


And damn. I am SO happy to have my classes back on a Sunday. LIKE VIVA SUNDAY CLASS!! Classes on weekday nights are always so… ❤ Yes, more Ikemen in my class please.


I will forever remember my days of working in a mall with a bunch of good girls. ❤

The last time I ate waffles ice cream was back in 2010. In Seoul. Then getting drench on a sight seeing boat.


Finally organised my notes with bar files! I love Okinawa, 300 gsm coldpressed paper and bar files. NO mention of food! Yet!


These series of photos are from way back. Like I said, so many things happened.


Staff tied a knot for my drink so it would’t spill. SO NICE!!


Finally changed my phone case since FOREVER. Abe Sensei also mentioned that I has a LOT of pink stuff. :3


Got this bear stand at a new Sushi place near our workplace.

Saying this again, I love my colleagues. Frankly this is the 1st time I worked with a bunch of girls-only. Cranes is for the kids but class was busy that day. Completed them at home nevertheless.


My favourite kitty.



Also this is the first time I got up early to have breakfast near my workplace before work. Just as I was getting used to this, I gotta change this soon. ❤


Taught a kid how to write Chinese and she also taught me to say 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in Malay. ❤


Forever grateful peeps!!

I love you all.

Seriously, good thing bad thing, who knows. During my 2 days leave my Mum told me that she used to feel really alone when I was not home at one point on the weekends. I of coz have my reasons but I don’t know why I apologised and just like that I cannot be happier, writing this is making me teary.




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