My Happy Days: Revamping, Transiting and Still The World is a Much Bigger Place

First up Bear kun is integrating fast into my family. I think he has some special charm or something.

The other day I drooled a bunch on the pink handkerchief and had to wash it. Mum then tied it on Bear kun. I asked Mum why and she said coz she is afraid that Bear kun’s tummy will get cold and he might pee on Big Bear.

I think the whole thing is about me drooling on Big Bear and thank goodness for the handkerchief as buffer.


My Japanese class

Despite my results, if any, after 11 years of studying the language, I have become some sort of a Life-Senpai in this category. I await the day I graduate and meanwhile I have stuff to offer.


So, for the first time since February, Abe Sensei came up to me and asked what happened. Her writing says, “Please revise them!!” I honestly had no idea and these were N4 level stuff. 5 levels, I am going for N2.

This is no blaming but really, cheap cost more. I remember that my first formal Japanese at a language school is scouted by a friend’s friend based on fees/hour. For years I thought that was a really brilliant choice until now that I notice how much I had missed.

The older lady in my class gotten the same results as me and we talked and she asked where I first studied and how was the school.

Back in my old school, there was no homework and much lesser materials and support compared to Ikoma. The 12 or so of us sat in a U-shape and if we missed our chance, we get no chance to speak up and that was also a crucial part to whether we can pass or not and move up to the next stage.

Again no judgement, but after entering the league of a Life-Senpai through sheer years, I realised… Crazy as this sounds… Even at N2 or so, learners might still be unable to speak smoothly. And the mood maker of the class will always be the only person filling in and in.

I notice, there isn’t a right or wrong to many things. I adore my old school still. And I had such a wonderful time there, just that we are always changing and there, when we are willing to seek what better fit us, woooo~~ the WHOLE Universe conspires to help us.

This don’t really applies to relationship though. Don’t be an asshole that keep seeking better partners while you never be the right person for others.

And meanwhile!!!


Yup, my benchmark is set. I can and should only get 100/100 from now on.

Next, I am so happy and grateful and crazily darn glad that my classes are all back on a Sunday. Below is last night class. The 3rd last lesson on a Monday night. ❤ Also I like to study in the day.




Seriously, this feels teary. Since forever my progress was stuck, or so I thought was stuck since 2012. I moved up THREE freaking levels just in 2018 alone. WOW. Talk about taking massive actions.

Of coz, the good thing is also that I am really getting better with my Japanese in real life too. When I see Naoto I can tell him that my Mum looks like him.

JLPT N2 Preparatory Class

I was still getting the jitters on my 2nd lesson and totally I love myself for making this choice. As a Life-Senpai I have to say this; I used to find preparatory classes a sham. Yes, you heard me right.

First it was my own ignorance and underestimation of the level and degree of a REAL N2 examination. Likewise in other areas of life, I notice that those with the least abilities offer the least and further complicated things.

I went to a talk on the new JLPT examination once which ended with inviting the crowd to enroll in their preparatory classes. And now, guess what I am going to say? Frankly, I now have this new change of mind. Yes, this sounds like a business plan, but so what? If it fits you, take it, if not leave it.

I went back the next year or was it a few years later?? And in the weekly 1.5 hours? 2.5 hours? class, the teacher would go through test papers with us. The course fees was something that I could afford and again, cheap sometimes cost more. For me.

Again, no judgement, it might work for others. My first push to join a preparatory class was because I thought at least I will be accompanied by a class and so I will revise on my own. This idea work great for some folks.

Also, the world is a big, big place full of MANY possibilities, if we only open our views a little, the little is all we are ever going to see.

I thought this was the norm for preparatory classes and some time later I found a private tutor who taught the same way at an even lower price. For this, it was going through assessment books and occasionally some mock papers.

For some reason/s, neither worked for me until I finally took the leap again and signed up for Ikoma’s preparatory class. I find myself in the tone of a secret ambassador, but no, I am still paying my fees like everyone. Would be nice to get sponsored by someone, anyone though!

First up, I had thought that the answer-shading sheets was just a mock up for us to get familiar with the actual exam. Until… each of us got a REAL exam number and there is a marking machine for our weekly mini-tests. And we get back an attachment on which is the right answer and whatnot.

Indeed the course fees here is on a heavier side, but from what they offer, it is worth it.


And I failed you people here. I was still a little lost and had no idea why Iwata Sensei went around asking if we want to borrow some CDs. She was asking 借りたい (karitai: wanting to borrow) and I thought it was 買いたい (kaitai: wanting to buy) and had thought, wah, who so kiasu still want to buy extra materials to study?? –> heavy Singaporean accent.

Turned out it is for our listening homework.

Of coz, I did what was perfectly normal even after I realised my mistake, that is to pretend that I am too cool to care about such a minor homework. After all I sat through my test 9 times I am a LIFE-SENPAI. I don’t sweat the small stuff.

The strange thing was, few to no one borrowed the CDs too. One guy said to the teacher that he borrowED it before. Is he going through this class AGAIN? Or others are as lost as me?? N2 san is kowaiiiiii!!!~~~

OTL. Now… gonna do my “listening” by reading the script. Another thing is, unless your listening is already native level, which probably no one is if they are taking this class, having the script is always, **NEEDED** in my opinion. I don’t think we are at the level where we can easily ask things like, “oh, I heard ‘easily’ here, what does it mean?’ If there is an unknown word, most learners would go… HUH??? and unlikely able to catch it by ear. A script at least has the written word so we can check it out.


Starting August when all my lessons are back on a Sunday, I would have 40 minutes for lunch and there is a nice Japanese supermarket nearby. There are Bentos and fried stuff there and my school allow folks to have a quick meal. Just that I am still a little shy to take one entire Bento to the common area.

Ikoma is pretty big. Two stories and 40 over classrooms.


If you are here for some learning tips, the final one is I find it such a blessing to bind my notes into a book and read them. And that’s all. Below is more about Bear kun and life stuff.

Honestly I am really in a transition now. Like a really awesome one I can’t even. Like real things are happening. So, I got tones of stuff hanging around.

I GOT A TOTAL of 4 Mindvalley courses undone, 2 of which is for me to revise. And they are paid stuff. I need to get my ass on it soon but but but but but I am totally basking in Christie’s light so far. For the past 2 weeks, other than eating and sleeping, I was just listening to the recording of Christie’s Sessions.

So, who is Chrisite and what she does? Go to her site and have your life explode into abundance.


While I am a very spiritual and intuitive person (rofl!!) I am blessed with very practical and science folks around me. And if you ask me, erm… Yuxing, you are saying that by spending hundreds, and in your case, thousands of dollars to hear some woman who giggles a lot talk about clearing you gunk can really bring about life changes?

Well, yeah. If we are willing to tune into ourselves.

In a way Sessions with Christie are like guided meditations and we built so many of our life programmes based one a few defining life events. Good for us if we are positively influenced and if not, I am willing to help my own life no matter what.


When we take the leap, Life and the Universe often reward us.

The other day Mum was telling me I changed for the good and I am positively influencing them. I almost fainted. In my family, saying I LOVE YOU means one of us either did something horrible or we are gonna die, or both.

I already signed up for another year of it for a HUGE discount plus bonus. The Singaporean in me rejoice.


I shared this with my UA group and here it goes.

Frankly I always felt that I was left behind in time. But it is not something that I beat myself over. It is just an awareness. I developed a thing to love watching dated dramas and somehow I felt good that, it a way I went back in time and watched a good drama that I should had back then.

These thoughts and doings were especially strong in my late teens till late 20s.

I haven’t done that in a while and I begun to love current dramas. Just that ideally they are a newly ended episode so I can binge watch them. HAHAAHAHAHAAAaaa!!!

So, by renewing my UA for another year and getting the 12 2015/2016’s session as bonus mean a lot to me. It is like my past came in as a gift, still I am in a current UA and yes, I prepared my future UA already. I got a sense that I got it all done. Finally.


Being in a transition now had me stuffing things around.

Me also gonna get reminded of Chu everywhere I go coz I stuck the stickers she sent on pretty much everything.


I thought these bags were good for books. KNOWINGLY bought B3 yet thought they were half the size all becoz they wer folded in half in the packaging. I can go be a harmless and cute girl now. x’D


Thought it was brilliant to keep my notes in folders like these and all in a ring file until I bought a binding machine and make booklets out of them.


I now how so many of these filmsy plastics. And labels like that below.


In the past I would get mad at myself, but well, at least I found a better way by starting to take action. It is not a good/bad thing.

Also, my plan of ripping books into smaller pages to slowly study them each day was not the best idea. I think I could need to bind them all back again.


Bear kun flying on my lapdesk. Meanwhile I cleared my old computer table and is working on that now. Bliss.


It is true that in the years of our lives we took on many of others’ stories and force it on ourselves. I enjoy what I do and love the switches. Why make a wrongess/rightness out of it.?

Of coz, this being said, we still need to be conscious about ourselves. It won’t be a good idea to go around harming ourselves and others.


Hard work pays off, the rest is to believe in ourselves. Sano Izumi, Hanakimi.

I went through my grammar notes and boom! They appeared in the test. I scored a 27/36. Yes, EBIBODY I AM GONNA PASS MY JLPT!!!


A gorgeously beautiful thing happened in my UA group. I  shared a lot on how reading the transcripts does me greatness. And one time another lady asked if I am interested to do the transcripts ourselves since other than the UA Home, the Lives and whatnot are not scripted.

I am so honored by that.

True that English is my first language but it is really another level of thing to work with all you native speakers on stuff having to do with language. SO CHU!! YOU ARE ALSO MY ANGEL!!! I really didn’t start going all Singlish on you ok? —> Heavy Singaporean accent.


Gimbak with Mum. Ate all her food. I always remember Prof Rao’s teaching of Good Thing Bad Thing, Who Knows. One time my Mum commented that the Chicken Gimbak was darn good. She loved it so much she kept some for later on.

But that day she was like… nah… “It wasn’t as good as I remembered it to be, hmm, maybe I was darn hungry that day.” xD

We can never gaurantee the outcome but we should always invest in the process for the journey is all we got.


It is darn cool to own picture books as an adult. I get to write in them. HAHAHAAAAaa!!!


Something I shared with my UA group. I stuffed a lot of emotions in my skulls and spine. I know right. Usually it is the back or leg for people. I DON’T KNOW WHY I AM SO SPECIAL.


Hung out in the library with my parents that day. Dad got the grand encyclopedia of Origami and it even has rattle snake. Crazy.

I grew up staying at home alone, from after school till my parents return from work. It has to take till my Dad retired, my Mum getting a surgery and me out of job to finally be able to spend time like this together.

I don’t know how things go for you guys, but don’t be like us. Always find the time. PINKY PROMISE WITH ME.


Yes, putting our my good vibes and may I appear on TV and on your computer screen soon. ❤


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