I Went Out Without My Phone Today

I went out without my phone today.

Left it to charge at home while I went out to buy lunch. Yup. From now on every time I went out to to get eats, I will credit it to Chu’s encouragement.

Met my block’s cat and since I couldn’t snap a picture of him/her, I walked passed like nothing. I glanced back to see the cat all shocked.

I broke a kitty’s heart today.

Then I had no phone at the Subway (sandwich store) queue. Like man, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t take out my phone just because I need to wait for like 0.5 seconds.

I realise, it is always in my heart that I like to connect with people. That is why I am still operating a blog and keeping my SNS up to date. True that it is sometimes liberating to be disconnected, but I am not longer aware when I should or not.

I remember one time in 2014; I was in Osaka’s DenDen Town. I was excited but upon realising that I forgot my camera, a huge wave of unpleasantness came over me. I was pinching pennies back then, but still took the ride back to just get my camera. I didn’t get any portable Wifi nor a SIM card. Taking pictures and blogging about them later was my only way to connect with others.

And now!! Let’s talk about Hiroki and Naoto.

Hiroki posted the above picture and wrote that this Ikura (Salmon roe) came out from the chair that Naoto was sitting on. Folks were to quick to comment that did Naoto laid the egg and… NAOTO IS A SALMON?!!!

The coolest thing was however this. Someone spotted some stains on Naoto’s shirt. Somewhere near his elbow, and guessed that the salmon roe probably fell from his bento and onto his shirt then on the chair.

Sharp eyesight.

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Naoto also ate Mentaiko (Pollock roe) today.



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