Daily Blogging: My Life is My #ArtPeaceArtPeas

#ArtPeaceArtPeas is still on-going yo! Just that, just that… yeah.

So I be printing out my blog pieces and call them my ART too.

Now that I am a NEET, I will have a daily blog post. I really love my post from yesterday. A diary entry.

This morning started out pretty special. I watched a movie documentary about Teresa Teng. I always knew her as an evergreen Chinese singer and boy! I was so surprised to find that she too was a big star in Japan back in the 70s and 80s.

This is production by Japanese TV and fan-subbed in Cantonese-Chinese.

Strangely, I was crying a huge deal the whole time. Teresa was such a genuine sweet soul. I first got to know Teresa when I was 7, 9. It is a whole new thing to look at her in her 20s, 30s and till her final days in my 30s now.

And woohoo! I went out for food.



Got this from Daiso. Pineapple soda from Okinawa. Yup. Okinawa is calling ba ba la ba~~~


So, the 5-square and 4-square traditional weaving is something for girls to give to guys. YES. NOW YOU ALL KNOW.


My 5,000 mini dictionary has 100 words per page, I need a magnifying thing. And this is as thin as paper! SUGOI!!


Finally got a Sudoku book. Been wanting to work on it since forever.

Frankly, there is this strange thing to why I finally got it. In one of my last bits of lesson preparation back at my old work place, there was some sort of a simple Sudoku in one of the lesson. I ready knew that I would be dismissed, but somehow I was living the, “Never mind the outcome, the journey is all it is.” And in my head I went, FOR MY TRIBE I NEED TO MASTER THIS.

Sometimes I really think that I have all the good heart towards others, yet, like the above, we can never control the outcome. The journey is all it is. I feel like a rock star for being able to brag like this to you all.

Other good things these days are, for a course I totally missed starting, I was able to join a new group starting on the 23rd. BLESS ME.

And so many good soul connections at the UAL.

Bye for now! ❤



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