Huge Paradigm Shift

Finally got to watch the Gosamaru Chronicle after keeping it bookmarked on FB for some months. TOTALLY AMAZING PIECE OF WORK!!

So~~ for a period of time, I always find the falling apart of the Ryukyan Castles a painful lost. Until this part was spoken in the Gosamaru Chronicle.

It was said that one time a Korean official visited the Ryukyu. He find the castles’ stone works really beautiful and say that they look like a piece of cloth. And these castles were born during the warring states of Ryukyu.

Suddenly I see everything in another light. Does this mean that, now that peace had come, the Gusuku (castle) served their purposes? And that there is no need to be sad about it?

I will need to be backed by a few sources, but from what I know, Katsuren Castle and Nakijin Castle were left to fall away after the lords owning them fell. Gosamaru even dismantled his old castle (Yamada Castle) to get building stones for Zakimi Castle.

Can I say, Gusuku (what these castles were called) were really temporary bases?

I NEED TO GO BACK TO OKINAWA NOW. There is one entire museum dedicated to Gosamaru. I cannot.

And being the nerd (?) I am, I need to summarise the Gosamaru Chronicles.

  1. Gosamaru fought along King Sho Hashi (2nd King of the 1st generation Sho Kings) and crushed the King of North (aka Hokuzan) at Nakijin Castle. Why is King Sho Hashi the 2nd King despite him doing the work? It was said that in order to impress the Chinese Ming Emperor, King Sho Hashi made his father the King as a display of filial piety. China and Ryukyu used to have really close ties.
  2. Gosamaru has his bloodline traced back to the northern site and him crushing the Northern King was like a family revenge. He was gifted land for Zakimi Castle.
  3. He continued to serve the Sho Kings of a unified Ryukyu until the 5th King. It sounds impossible that Gosamuru lived through 5 generations of Kings, yet it should be noted that the 6 Kings of the 1st generation Sho Kings are all within the same family of 3 generations. See genealogy here.
  4. Around this time, another powerful lord appear, Awamari of Katsuren Castle. The 5th King, Sho Taikyu, ordered Gosamaru to build Nakagusuku Castle to watch over Awamari.
  5. The daughter of Gosamaru is married to King Sho Taikyu. And the daughter (granddaughter) of them is married to Awamari. Political marriages.
  6. One day King Sho Taikyu told Gosamaru to prepare an army to to attack Awamari as there was news of him rebelling. (Around this time a super solider was sent to the granddaughter as her personal servant.)
  7. However Awamari made the first accusation that it was Gosamaru who is rebelling.
  8. King Sho Taikyu + Awamari attacked Gosamaru. Gosamaru put up no fight and killed himself. His immediate family followed suit too, except for his 3rd son, who left with his nanny.
  9. Granddaughter than exposed Awamari and Awamari was killed.
  10. Another story went, the super solider than married the granddaughter and they lived in Chibana Castle till the 2nd Generation Sho King came to throne. Super solider killed himself to remain loyal to only the 1st Generation Sho Kings. The last 1st generation Sho King was killed in a coup d’etat.
  11. The surviving 3rd son of Gosamaru and Gosamaru’s younger brother appeared at the time when King Sho En (first King of the 2nd generation Sho King) was voted as King and they served the royal government again. Gosamaru’s name was only cleared then.

So what really happened is still a mystery.

Some said it was the royal governement’s grand plan to eliminate both powerful lord. Some said Awamari was sacrificed later, Gosamaru was really rebelling.

Me at Zakimi Castle, 2017

At Katsuren Castle.

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Woohoo~~ doki doki pyon pyon!! I am serious! I want to go back in time and be a Ryukyuan Prince! I will not wage war. I be riding my royal horse around to capes and waterfalls and all. I too will *demand* easier stairs around *MY* castle. I only want *MY* royal pretty clothes and delicious food from *MY* royal kitchen. Anyway, Katsuren Castle is totally my favvvv so far! 💟💟💟 And ONE BIG REASON of coming to Okinawa is fulfilled!! 🌟🌟🌟 (I need not go to a local library and do research) I finally saw how castles used to be before they fall into ruins. I almost started crying when I saw the diagram. But we all know I am a very well behaved good tourist. Cute thing here is, a warning sign says not to touch snails here as they might contain parasites. Good lord, snails like this are abundant in SG!!! 😟 Saw this milk tea from a vending machine. CRAZY GOOD. I am a 琉球王子 who loves 奶茶。 #katsurencastle #okinawa #TacoRice17 #liptonmilktea #milktea Btw, many Castles, or Gusuku as they are called locally, has many sacred praying sites, totally saw a few older ladies praying near a spring just now. I went back in time.

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At Nakagusuku Castle.

I also went to Nakijin Castle and Shuri Castle. I went to all the 9 UNESCO sites in Okinawa. *brags brags brags*

Looking back, it is almost unbelievable that I went on such an epic trip. I sill think we need to grab on to life. Not in the sense that it is bcoz we fear losing something once they are gone. Just… what is your version of grabbing onto life?

I would still go to Okinawa for a month if I get to go back in time. Well, maybe 3 months.

Also! I go on the 30 Day Squat Challenge! My aches were sO bad I had to rest yesterday and today. Today I was unconsciously dragging my feet coz my legs just cannot walk properly. CRaZY.


Yoko Yoko usually works like magic for me for this was my 4th application and I am barely OK.

I am one month plus late on this and here I am starting this again on the 23rd!!


How is life going for everybody???

Talk to me please! ❤


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