New Stuff in Me Life

I did something really fun today!

Times like this makes life sO interesting and I am glad I am living.

So, I used up ALL my toner for Christie’s 2015 – 2016 UAL and bonus slides. Most of them were of a dark background so literally I was spamming my toner powder. Did thought of transferring them to white background but wanted to keep everything as it was. There is just this magic even in printed text. I cannot.

But I am now transferring the rest, from Session 8 on, to white backgrounds. LOL~


The good news is, I found a really good compatible toner online. It was said to be delivered to my house and only when it was sent out, I realised it will be placed at a Ninja Point and this was delivery done by Ninja Van.

For a split second I thought my life entered a real-life 8-bit game. Until I remember seeing the REAL Ninja Van delivery vans around.

So, this is a grand business idea where shops partner with Ninja Van to act as collection points.

Mine was at a 24 hours privately own mini-mart right beside my block.

All the nostalgic hit. Before chain supermarkets moved near us, parents used to bring me to these shops for some light shopping. I almost forgot how they looked like and etc. It was pleasantly nice to go back there.

I am not old kind of old yet but really, to witness all these changes in technologies and life in general is just this very amusing feeling.



Meanwhile my daily squat challenges hit 45 today. I am doing in the increment of 5 everyday. It is really amazing that once I am at it, the initial muscle aches that happened on the next day doesn’t happen anymore.

However, I am picking up the habit of eating full meals at night and sleeping later. I thought I am gonna screw my days up but I have been waking up at 730am and my days are filled with studying and going out to get food.


Day 2 of Superbrain with Bear kun. The Sun List.


Apparently Jim gave us a list of 20 random words to remember and on this first time, I almost didn’t get anything right. The trick is being able to remember in sequence. Then, by simple association, I got FIFTEEN correct. Insane right. I continued making my own association with another 10 words and goodness I remember them.

Now people, I am cute, kind and insanely smart.

Bye, gotta do up my new UAL slides.



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