Japanese Mayo, My Home Office and My Act of Kindness

Before I get on my new museS, I have this to say.

Strangely,  I am at peace with this blog receiving 0 visits daily already.

While I have had blogs, I only started blogging seriously in 2014. I had wanted it to be a hobby/culture/travel thingy. Somehow it didn’t feed me on a soul level and I gave it up for RabbitMori in late 2016. I was getting about 20 reads per day.

This time I want it to be my travel/cultural blog and whatnot. The best hit I ever gotten was this one time I wrote about KBG 48 when they came to Singapore.

Apparently a forum in Japan caught news of it and the poster who linked my post said that this was the *only* post he found about KBG 48 in Singapore and it is in English though. I got 80++ reads that day and it weaned.

Somewhere late March 2017 or was it early April? I changed this to RabbitKokoro after picking up the word Kukuru while in Okinawa. An ancienct Ryukyuan poem was being read in a documentary on TV. Kukuru means heart. I did thought of making this RabbitKukuru but thought Kokoro is better. Kokoro also means heart in Japanese.

Kuku means penis in the Chinese Hokkien dialect. For child’s use though. Like the Japanese “Chin Chin.’ Ok, where is this going… Come to think of it, it ain’t so bad a thing since I like Naoto so much and he always has SO MUCH phallic thing on his IG.

And it wasn’t even that he show real body parts. He just seems to happen to come into contact with it even when he look up in the sky and the clouds look like one. Look at his IG and you will see why.

This time RabbitKokoro is for all the times where we have moments that got our hearts singing. ❤ When I use WE here? Coz deep down I am lonely and want to have friends.

Yes, I did thought that it would be super cool to get enough readers and be an influencer. Get sponsored for trips and etc. But these chasing to increase readership only made me burned out and some month back, I find that I can no longer talk freely when all I think is “good content” for readers.

Last night I was listening to Christie’s Valentine’s Day Gift Meditation and she mentioned that one time a gentleman held the door for her. And he told her, “I have been expecting you!”

I thought Christie was gonna say that when we radiate out so much light, we attract the good stuff. Instead, Christie went on to say that the gentleman make it a point to do 1 or 2 kind things to people everyday, totally not expecting anything. Just so that in his own energy field he feel the love, joy and whatnot.

I thought that was really, REALLY great.

I thought hey, I shall do this with RabbitKokoro. In my means, I write about kind stuff, and when people come, read it and receive the love, then great. If not, also great, since I sent out my way of kindness with each post.


The first time I tasted Japanese Mayonnaise, I thought it was an entirely different sauce. I asked around what this creamy and light meaty sauce might be. Some suggested that it is Mayo but I dismissed it coz it is JUST SO DIFFERENT FROM THE AMERICAN WHITE MAYO. Also, it is more yellowish and much thicker. Just didn’t looked like Mayo I knew of. At one point I even thought it was yellow mustard sauce mixed with the white Mayo.


Finally got one bottle of it after seeing the above video.


It is made in Malaysia and immediately a poster from Japan told me that it still taste a little different from the ORIGINAL Kewpie Mayo and interestingly, the Malaysian Kewpie logo doesn’t have wings.

It was said that such wings are associated with Angels of the Christian Faith and not really nice to display it around in an Islam centred Malaysia.

Taste wise, it is really slightly lighter than the original Kewpie.

Got my first punching fail last night.


Otherwise, investing in a home laser printer and binding machine is totally worth every bit as it helps SO MUCH WITH ALL THE NOTES AND ETC. Sure, the final cost would still be more expensive than 5 cents per piece at the print shop. But the convenience is worth it all. ❤ I read somewhere that even if you don’t read the books you have, having and seeing the titles around is a good thing already.

I shall got eat more tuna with Kewpie Mayo now. ❤



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