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Finally I am gonna talk about Sakura!!! Wrote about it here last November and finally after 8 months.

I realise, as one grows older, (waiting) time seems short. If I were told to wait 8 months as a child, I might, I mean I will just give up. Now, 1 year, 5 years and even 10 years sounds short. In 10 years’ time I am only 41.

Was just chatting with Mum that our live spans are increasing a lot and everything changed and is changing a lot. If we don’t start living our OWN lives, sad it is that we don’t live our own lives and be happy.

Then, how do we START living our own lives? Just start somewhere. The journey is all that we got.


So, last November I was observing classes at a Japanese pre-school enrichment centre in Tokyo.

The above was the scene from one of their classroom. Boy, I was TOTALLY FASCINATED by the Autumn leaves. It was all very surreal bcoz Autumn had always been the season I want to experience since a child. I missed it all the times I was in Japan and when I finally see it, I happened to be with children. And right inside a classroom with them.

On my last day I had a last minute class to observe. I was all ready to go to Harajuku and Meiji Jingu to see the Autumn foliage. I was sO disappointed!

Upon knowing that I am a foreigner, the kids all looked at me with curious eyes, yet they didn’t start talking probably bcoz they thought that I understand no Japanese.

Only during break time this child named Sakura W. came over and gave a very light push on my back with both hands. She was all giggly and happy and I smiled back. I wasn’t sure if I should start talking and play with them during an observation.

Maybe that was my first and last time meeting Sakura W. in my life time.


Just got a download to draw the view of the classroom in all season.

My well wishes to Sakura W.

And… just maybe one day I will meet her again. ❤ Life is always so wonderful. Never know what comes up. ❤



On a side note, I paid for a FB ad to promote this blog. Reached 208 people, 2 clicks and 0 directed to this blog. xD


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