My First Period


Not the period of a duration of a class.

And if you are a man, maybe you want to read this so you can better understand the ladies in your life. But then again no one read this blog. xD


I used to just get the cheapest and thickest pads as a teen.

Then it was anything as thin as possible. And as long as possible.

Somehow the need for long pads weaned at one point. Stress and whatnot of life really affects one’s health. I know none of you males clicked the Wiki page, and so a woman menstruates as her womb lining sheds, it sheds because the baby house need to have the freshest bits possible and so this part of the body needs to keep being produced. Once the “expiry date” is here the “expired” parts gets flushed out.

The 2nd pad buying revolution worked well and I pretty much stuck to it.

A mini minor change was one time the store ran out of my usual thinnest pads or was it that I was captured by the box packaging? I got Whisper’s FlexFoam, it has some memory foam thing. The product was still very new and first of its kind.


To me, the best thing about it was not so much about the foam memory. So far no pads forgot their shapes and caused some major floods.

The THING about FlexFoam is… its holding capacity is INSANE. If you are gross enough, you can sit through the day, or even a day or two and bam! Not even half the pad is used. And NO ODORS. AT ALL. (I love how my Biology teacher once said this to the boys in the class, yes, a woman’s menstrual blood do smells a bit. It is just part of life.)

Darn good for flights.

But then again, a little on the pricier side and… I APOLOGISE… It look too high-tech (just look at those lines) and totally non-floral and cutesy.

And one day I forgot why… I switched over to Laurier.


Became a fangirl of their Slimguard series (both Day and Night) and judges everyone who don’t use the same thing as me.

Meanwhile I was hearing a lot of raves about all these other thicker night pads. I think somehow after all these years my body got it that no baby is coming YET, we can continue making the fresh baby house monthly, but just do as half-assed a job as possible.

Not bad a thing considering how much of my best nutrients goes to these healthy cells, that will be flushed out after a month.

So, days with REALLY heavy flow is far and few.


I scoffed when I opened the pack, thinking wow, SO OLD SCHOOL. It was as bad as calling these thicker pads as ugly girls, like how bitchy bullies does in school. And then… I immediately felt in love.

Even used it in the day once. Like granny undies when I should wear cute undies. BUT WHO CARES? SO GOOD. HEAVY FLOW, WHERE IS YOUR POWER NOW???

But then, my body is on a secret mission to preserve my resources, in fact, I should be needing short pads that I never dabble into.


And so I found a new love and also a lost love.

When I first got my period, I really looked at packaging and tried finding what suits me the best.


I remember asking Mum about all these and find it all so cool that there are sO many different pads with different functions. Last time there were even wingless ones, I think they stopped producing that?????? Pray tell why… Wingless pads is like a wingless bird. It cannot fly. In the sense a major usage is not there, but I love penguins. And Ostriches, this is just an analogy.

Today’s pad wearing (do you people use “wear” for pads?!) showed me a thick slice of life. When something happened, we first faced it with a lot of enthusiasm and effort. And once we “got” a solution, we judged that it is the best. Nothing wrong with repeating a skill and becoming an expert. But with the changing world and constantly improving technology, me not looking at new produces, trying them or even reading their reviews totally made me lose out on so much.

Not only I got a really lovely pad today, I found back the zeal that I carried with me when I look at things.

I love it!


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