My Anime Life

So! I am all into ice cream these days. :3 Yums. And really it is all becoz it is so hot here.

Right about after I removed the lid, the ice cream starts melting. It is such that my ice cream are almost never frozen, there is constantly this 1 – 2 millimeters of semi-melted ice cream surrounding my ice cream.

Not to mention, the condensate dripping from the cup surface is like how it will be if I am crying to some really touching movies.

Still, it is so fun to go try all these flavours. THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT BROWNIES. They are just sO good.


Finally got to watch Bungo Stray Dogs after Translator S recommended it to me. I think it is a luxury to miss one’s ex-colleagues or people from a school or workplace, bcoz, many time while we can live and work with another person/s, it is not always that we can get to a more mutually agreeable level.

And wheee~~ the next thing you know, you are getting to know more new people and we all make new connections and all.


My, after not watching anything all these months, or has it been a year plus already?? It felt sO gorgeous to look at Anime again. Time slowed, I entered another dimension and … it was just great.

Among all the things I picked up as a human, in this life time, Anime has gotta be one of the best, best, BEST thing. I am sure it is something that without it, I will go on with a void in my heart.


In a nutshell, in this world, there are folks with abilities. Very much like X-Men. The kind thing about it is, there hadn’t been any outright discrimination towards this minority which totally comforts my kokoro.

The story revolved around a government body, a special force. These ability-users are pretty much hired for jobs where the regular police cannot solve a case, and usually these un-solvable case are committed by the bad guy gangs of ability-users.

Hohoohohh~~~ 是不是很什么?—>Translate to “ain’t this very what,” an expression towards some lamentation over such things about life.


The personal cool thing about watching Anime now is, I can comprehend the characters sO much, yet without putting myself in their shoes. Love it! ❤

I used to feel down for days if something is not to my fancy.


My one and only question remains… how did Atsushi gets his fringe cut so perfectly???

Why, why, why, OH TELL ME MY??


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