Xingible Gym Diary; Day 1 and 2, Body Assessment and Serious Reconfiguration

It is Day 2.

Day 1 – 10th August 2018, Friday: 1 of 3 One-to-Training

Trainer is Ros, a few years my senior. Lovely gal. ❤

Stuff I did:

  1. Taking weight (including body fat, bone mass, water content and etc).
  2. Questionnaire on diet, lifestyle and general social view and mindset.
  3. Breath power? I blew into what looked like a breath analyser.
  4. Taking of blood pressure and heart beat.
  5. Balancing with a plastic bar, 3 squats and 3 lunges.
  6. Jumping in and out of a hexagon at each side for 3 rounds.
  7. Planking for a minute and supposedly to lift up left/right hand/leg and right hand + left leg and left hand + right leg.
  8. 3 tries on long jump.
  9. Incline pull up.
  10. Rowing machine for 500m.
  11. Stretches.

Gonna spare you guys about how weakly I performed. Funny thing is, I am standing at 168 and really looked like I was some sportgirl or something. I think Ros was positively surprised. And dear girl took sweet lemon tea for me coz halfway I got giddy. Help!

So… the takeaway is

  • NO FASTFOOD (or at least till I stablised).
  • Drink more water for my case.
  • And do stretches.

I had wanted to use the treadmill later but I as totally drained. It wasn’t tiredness, it was DRAINED. Those where literally one’s muscles STOPPED on their own.

Whole thing took an hour.

Now about the Gym!

Holy, holy. What have I been missing all me life. I signed up with Fitness First and my, I was totally impressed! Lovely locker/shower/toilet, a pantry area with sport drinks, coffee, tea/green tea and of coz water.


Another cool thing here is, there are various classes, yoga to high impact ones, which fees are included in the monthly fees. =D Like in just a few months you people will not just remember me as cute Xingible, it is cute AND NICE BODY Xingible. :3

One thing about moving into my 30s was, the need of others’ approval really weaned to a point of nearly not there. I am wearing my best hair there and I love it!!

High socks and white shoes? Best thing. ❤

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High socks today! 💗 #superxingibleweightrelease

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So I got more hair ties. I am ready to keep losing them. xD


Card holder.


Made from this lovely thread! ❤


The finale of the day was a strange one. I started having an headache towards the evening. Eventually it turned into cold sweating and I vomited twice. Strange enough I don’t feel sick.

I got a feeling that my body was entirely exhausted and so it can’t even digest. I have been eating clean too.

So crazy. But I am glad that I took this leap.

Day 2 – 11th August 2018, Saturday: Walking

Woo! Me so impressed by the treadmill, there is Youtube option?! I can walk a thousand miles! But haven’t check everything out.

Stats: 46 mins on the treadmill walking, covered 4km.

Crazy thing was, my arms was able to be free! I need not held on to the bar like I always did.

Ok, I am not gonna put too much emphasis on how much my body need a boost, and so I was being wary of if I will get giddy.

I listened to my body and knew that I reached a peaked, had wanted to go more, and even after cooling down, I CAN’T FEEL MY LEGS! I literally held on to things as I walked to rest in the locker room.

Recovered very quick though and rested at the pool deck. Loves!

Continuing tomorrow! ❤ ❤

Love it love it!!

Bits of headachesness tried to creep in but I was all good. Went to shop for more healthy and clean food.

Day 3 will be walking before class. Omg. I am so hard working this is insane.

Also, if you are in Singapore, I can take you in as a guest. Wooohoooo!!! ❤


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