Xingible Gym Diary; Day 4 and 5, Arm + Core Training and I Walked a Thousand Miles

Day 3 was going to the gym at 7pm to find that they close at 6pm on Sundays. Walked back home covering about 1km. Frankly, I could walk to the gym, but I want to start fresh.

Day 4: 2 of 3 Training with Ros

  • 500m on rowing machine (walked 10 mins before this)
  • Dumbbell work
  • Core (aka stomach) stuff

Session supposed to be just 40 min, but Ros gave me nearly an hour. ❤ So, Fitness First actually has trainers available at a fee, which is pretty reasonable. One day I might. But for now, I need to just dropped the extra weight first.

Aches came out in the night and I had to apply Yokoyoko (muscle ache relief) in the middle of my half sleep.

Cool stuff was, I realised that my right shoulder is always in a locked position and today I was pulling it back and WOOHOOO, new life to my whole arm.

Day 5: Walked 1 hour covering 5km with some inclination on the treadmill at interval

Yay! Hamahiga Island, I be back! ❤ ❤ ❤ SO VERY SOON.

Ros was also in the gym and we said Hi to each other.


Now, some funny stuff that happened.

Today this Chinese lady had to use the machine beside me when ALL others were empty. And then she started talking on the phone. Surely I was slightly irritated and even more so when she was counselling a friend on love issue.

As I listened on, I begun to think that she is the siSTAR every gurl should have yo. Eventually she started panting although she was just walking and it seemed like her friend didn’t receive her kind words too nicely.

Suddenly it just hit me that, we can all be kind but if another party refuse to accept, we end up tiring ourselves and get hated on.

After my walk I went to the pool deck.

For some reason I totally adore this place, nice HDB view and whatnot.


And today I chanced upon a group who just finished an exercise class.

This main lady was all eager to “talk about” an acquaintance the moment she stepped out of the class. And I was like, woah, how about taking a sip of water or a deep breath first.

Initially I felt like I was gonna be caught in a mindless group gossiping and what happened next was tragic to a point of funny.

So main lady begun turning towards specific individuals and went, “You know what happened? It was…”

The first time this girl went, “I don’t want to know. Bye, I got shower now.” *together with dramatic hand gesture*

The tension took an exponential leap and I could feel folks psychically telling me that I may want to leave.

Then main lady tried again, this time targeting a different person. “You know, it was that…”

Another lady, “It is ok, I also DON’T WANT TO KNOW TOO. I err, I also go shower. DON’T TELL ME!!!” *dramatically exit*


How embarrassing yo?!

In her last attempt, main lady just started speaking to the tired group in general and I took my leave. The people around were polite and said sorry when they were in my way.

Being living things, we all grow old. But some folks never grow up.

Isn’t it a good thing that I am not in the same clique as main lady? Nor do I have to live with a person like her.


For a while my sport clothing don’t smell exactly fresh even after washing. I thought that was it but gave TOP’s Nanox a try. Only just a little bit is needed and they go deep into the clothing’s fibre to clean everything up.



Drastically lighten and cleaned up my diet. No cravings came ragging in yet.



  • Calves drastically smoothen on Day 3
  • Sharper face =D
  • Clothing still feels tight though, actual weight loss is coming soon
  • Better sleep


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