Gym Day 7! I lost ONE kilogram and again I Walked a Thousand Miles

Walked a total of 89 minutes, covering 7.5km (4.66 miles).

Was actually aiming for 10km and while I had no physical pains, I totally got bored. There is an option to listen to my own music though, in fact the treadmills has screens and are connected to the web. Hohoho~ I be listening to all my podcast and whatnot from now on.


And now… I shall now call my Gym Diary series as Gym Cafe, LET’S TALK ebibody!!!

Gosh, I love to talk, it is in me. I am a presenter. Woohooo!!

So, I was catching up with Chu a couple of days back and she started Yoga which is totally awesome.

Then, Chu told me about this Steel Mace.

I don’t know why but I always have the coolest friends. If they are not kind psychics, then they are just larger than life LOVELY beings. I think my Karma is totally cleared now folks. The next thing I be blogging about will be accidentally landing in Okinawa and then somehow getting married and living there happily ever after.



My treadmill face floor to ceiling windows and I can see a tiny bit of my own reflection, especially my legs since there is a low wall outside in dark colour.

And… woohooo!!! Today I just thought, NICE LEGS. And it happened that the weather has been sO hot, I ditched my longer shorts and wore shorter shorts.

I look forward to the day when I can go into an exercise class.

Which should be real SOON coz I lost ONE kg! ❤ ❤ ❤

Love Gift For A FRIEND

I was telling Chu about this old incident and I saw a really beautiful thing at the end of it.

Bcoz life in generally is getting so good, and a bunch of other things, we are literally getting fat (source). I think we are like the 2nd or 3rd fattest country after America.

So, I had this friend who lost a great deal of weight through dieting and then keeping at it. While she is into all these, I was piling on weight.

She said and did nothing for me.

I am not saying that we all need to start living for our friends and family. Nor that we can start blaming our thin friends for our weight.

It just hit me that, why not we all watch out for each other? ❤

Consider this, many of our programming are set during childhood. The mean girl who got others to outcast you during primary school might got you to continue to think into adulthood that all bitches are like this. And worse, you might not trust the nice “bitches” who are genuinely kind to you.


Of coz, the thing about this is, becoz we ain’t related by blood in the first place, we need to build on it. I would be grossing out my new friends if I start to proclaim my love towards Naoto non-stop to them.

And also, each of us has different pursuit in life. Maybe someone can like me with every cell in their heart, yet find it difficult to accept me as family. So what? As long as we are good.

It sure takes some work, but worth every bit. I love you people!!! ❤

Love and blessings to all!! ❤ ❤


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