Gym Day 8! Weight Dropping, Octane Machine and I Stink

Finally after 7 days of eating clean, I craved and had fish fillet baked rice last night. :3

I think the monstrous appetite is coming back in, but not too big a deal now that I am working out so much and wanting more food is logical. I mean, it is just nice that I cleared out the old system and viva to eating good food again!

For the first time in years, today is the first morning where I woke up feeling thinner. WOOHOOO!! LOVE IT! Clothing was loose too!

Dreaded the last session with Ros coz I was still thinking that I need to drop some weight first. However, the session is amazing as always. I might really get one-to-one sessions next time.

The first 6 minutes was on this Octane Machine.

I totally undid all my years of LEGS. Me legs got a new breath of LIFE.

Then there is lunges with a 4kg ViPR, squats with weighted a gym ball, some pulley gym equipment for the arms and lifting a 16 pound kettle bell (about 7kg). Totally couldn’t walk fast after which.

The plastic tube is a ViPR.

This is a kettle bell.

Crazy sores might come and stay for a few days.

Kinda dread it coz I am having this fun distant recording going on.


And a strange thing happened. Yes, I had gotten stinky before and all those. But today was just over the top. xD

Must be releasing a lot of stuff!!! xD




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