Gym Day 12: Lost 1.5kg So Far

It is a public holiday today and I had thought that the gym would be quiet, turned out, it was lively as a weekend.

One dude was already at the rowing machine and if I am not wrong, he was still freaking there after 2+ hours. I tried the Octane and crazy, crazy!!! I almost fell flat after I alighted after a grand total of 5 minutes. And just the other day I saw this regular sporty cute girl on it for at least 40 minutes. She was just bouncing off with seemingly no effort.

It is either I have never been active/sporty, or that now I changed how my knees bend when I move them, I was just working the inner thigh muscles that I never really worked on before!!!

It was SURREAL!!

Like woah!! I discovered a new part of my body!!

The regular 2 hours walk is getting boring in a way. Would love to start jogging but… just but. I am quite worried that I will break my distant coverage. But hey, I should. Yes, I will start jogging.

Music had been helping but today I just thought of looking up Jay Shetty stuff. LOVE THIS INTERVIEW SO MUCH!! One thing about gratitude was what Morgan Sensei told me before. In the past, people give thanks the first thing in the morning, thanking the Earth for food and land so we can land our feet.

Another amazing thing is, with the web, we can get expose to a lifetime of tragedies compared to the past. For example, in the past, only this much news reach us via TV and newspaper, radio and books. But today with just a smart phone, we can know a huge deal of shit. Talk about possibly feeling depressed from that.

At the gym’s pantry. I am sure coffee was mixed into the tea pot. I was sO sadden with not being able to taste tea.


Dinner with Mum. Seafood soup pasta and some bits of her pizza and all the chicken fillet and half her calamari rings and Milo and chamomile tea.


SO GOOD. Thank god for Saizeriya!!

Many cool things are going on. Like Orange Range has a new album after pretty long. I was sO freaking excited with their interviews being translated into Taiwan Chinese so I might not be too accurate.

So, Yoh had been working on a song piece for 4 years.

It just hit me that yeah, we are sO into instant this and instant that. I think it is darn cool for large part of life, but not with all.

Like hey, some things really takes time.

I want to get the special CD + DVD set. Going to Okinawa now. Bye!! ❤ I mean tomorrow. ❤


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