2 Weeks in The Gym!!!

I have officially gotten super human abilities.

I can do a ONE MINUTE plank. I am made.

Recently additions:

  • Evening work out concentrating on the legs and abs (3 sets of 12 each)
  • Rowing or Octane thing before my 10km walk (2km on rower, 5 mins of Octane)


I can see my face thinner from the selfies and in real life I am seeing the most difference in my arms. Hohoho~~ hot model’s arms. :3

Legs are totally slenderising themselves too. Today I saw my legs in the window reflection and I totally went, “look at you girl!!” ❤ ❤ ❤ Since when?? It has beeeeeen forever since I has got slimmer legs.

The funny here is however… my clothing stinks. Terribly.

As I am typing this, I am sending my sports bra for the 2nd and 3rd wash. And I am already using Nanox. ;___; I am considering throwing away all these clothing items.


And today on people talk, remember the chic I talked about who can get on the Octane for nearly an hour??

Today I saw her hanging on the pull-up bar on both arms and doing some sort of waist rotation with pretty much no effort. I wonder if she is in a local sport team or a sports model.

I saw Ros again too. She is so cute. :3



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