So Grateful & Thankful

I think it was yesterday.

While sulking again that this blog never really “took off,” I was hit with a gentle wave of, no Yuxing, be grateful and thankful that this blog is acting as a letter for you to people who get to read you. Without it, my world would be a much smaller place.

My back and bit of neck got strained AGAIN after a dumbbell routine. ;___; I really wonder what happened. My only conclusion is that is those times when things mysteriously act up a bit to see if I really want to embark on this fitness journey.

I still can go for walks though! Planning on to walk 3 – 5km daily. Gotta train for Hamahiga Island. ❤

A funny thing happened. Apparently I have been “cycling” on the Octane Lateral X the opposite way. It was only by accidental that I get that I can go forward. AND WOW! It became that I am relearning the whole thing again.

FOOD! How can I forget about this. After a month of smaller portions, I ate chicken fillets and a bowl of spinach and mushroom pasta. It has come to a point where my exercises has burnt enough energy to have me feeling so hungry after a gym session. One night Mum got me a HUGE bowl of pasta, I was struggling a little to eat them up but didn’t want to just leave less than a serving of leftovers around.

However, 30 – 40 minutes after consuming… I felt genuine hunger again. Good that it was bedtime by then so I slept.

Blog posts are so much about my gym stuff for the past month. And I am happy about it, it is a real big thing for me. I always, always want to do more with this body and it took me till now. I released a whooping 4 kg since the start! =D

Meanwhile I am getting great improvements on my Japanese studies. Some were really breakthrough-ish. Stuff like passing the reading comprehension component for the first time.


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