Express Train

I went for Abe Sensei’s Thursday class last night.

Including me, there were only 2 other people and one of them were late due to work.

I have always heard about this Thursday class from Abe Sensei and it seems like they were a bunch of very lively people. I was really surprised that it was actually such a small class.

I didn’t get the occupation of the lady but the dude is a teacher. Immediately I remember about Morgan Sensei. He holds me so dear, he feels glad every time I get to interact with folks of great background.

It was also the first time I had so much discussion in class.

Before class I chatted a little with Abe Sensei and she now knows that I visited Chatan High School becoz of Orange Range. Ha~ Ha~ Ha~ ❤

Probably half kidding-ly, Sensei told me to occasionally join this class as there are still not much people coming in. I thought it this sounds fun. Who knows. :3

I am so happy and grateful to be going for TERM 2 of my JLPT preparatory class, I had thought that I might drop out after one term.



Sat through 9 real JLPTs and about 100+ mock tests and woohoo!!! FIRST TIME!


Next, progression with my health!

And before I start, that is RYUKYU spice milk tea. Okinawa is always calling. ❤ SOON.


So, suddenly I got it that I can always go to a gym near my school on Sundays. Viva gym membership!

Went to the one at Paragon and didn’t find the Octane Lateral X and got on another Octane that mimicked hiking move. I forgot the model but I felt like I was on some Sci-Fi suit. xD

With all the thing I am lugging, I am thinking of getting a nice mini luggage for all.


And diet!

After about a month, I begun to feel really tired although I am having enough sleep and all. An old friend told me that I can add meat and veggies into my breakfast.

This at first felt counter-intuitive, like why should I eat more when I am working on losing weight.

But, without the fuel, there is not much I can do either.

Added meat and veggies to my breakfast today and I am so good!!! Also made my own lunch of spinach, salmon and button mushroom pasta. Did everything within an hour. WOohoo me!

I am 1.5kg to getting back in the 60kg range. HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT??!?!! I am so motivated! ❤


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