Recent Diet & Super Powers and Etc~ <3

Recently I started to feel not properly fueled so I asked on IG what to do.

S recommend putting in meat for breakfast and after 3 days of super fuel, I got sick with the increased meat in-take. Anyway, S was so nice to help me out. Knew him for 4 years and this was the first we talked for so long.

Got me to see that we only got this much time, and each second spent with one person means not spending the second with another.

Been going around to different gyms and I am loving it all so far.

View from Cathay.


A nice trainer said Hi and talked to me a little today. So, the gym here was set up since 2008. A whooping 10 years ago. They still use key for locking lockers and equipment has no fancy internet screens. Whoooo but the floor to ceiling window is THE bombz~ ❤


Health took a sharp turn to goodness.

These days eating is a happy thing, like I just naturally feel 80% full after each meal. And everything is x100 times more flavourful.

I was having Anime background of joy and wonder as I ate this.

I used to dine here often with some “bffs”. Looking back now, they were folks who always feel bad about life. And I never heard any congratulatory words from them. Being happy got them to feel grumpy and I always had to make myself small to fit in.

Life is a beautiful thing. Often we make the choices to be with the sub-standards.

It took me till 31 to see this, don’t be me.

Make the effort to work your life out today.

The Universe has your back!

Showering after exercise also didn’t get me to be sick. Immunity PLUS!!!


Pleasant surprise that this has some bit of mustard spread. OISHII!!


Caught Johhny English and Mr Bean saved the day11 ❤ ❤ ❤


My JLPT N2 Preparatory Class – Term 1 ended and we got this Kanji list.

10 weeks of intense classes and more to come! I shall 絶対 pass my JLPT.

Speaking of which, last year around this time, a friend got into a flying rage and demanded that I drop my Japanese studies should I don’t get my N2 again.

I got 50% for my mock test for the first time a few weeks back.

Can you imagine how many people my ex-friend probably ruined?

I notice that there are folks who have no idea about their own lives but chose to and love to go interfere with others’.

After studying the language for 12, TWELVE years, I would say, to regular casual learners, it is absolutely normal to still hang around the Pre-Advance for years. I mean, let’s be practical, we have been at our mother tongue/ first language for our whole lives and yet we developed slangs and colloquial that drives teachers mad and writing and giving a speech is still a struggle for most of us. Let alone going only for weekly classes and no other practices.

I am not saying that one cannot master a language in say, 2 years, just that you know… I am happy with all that I achieved.

Through learning Japanese I gained so much that it takes me at least a few weeks (or forever) to talk about it all.

Of course I don’t mean dropping it all, but we never know when that ONE DAY will come about. Don’t go tell someone to drop their dreams just bcoz you lost yours. Go deal with your own life.



Carbonated pure water. I am drinking them like a kid drinking Coke. MAN!! Where have you been all me life!!!! ❤


So darn glad that I got my binding machine. My notes are piling up! ❤

Found these in my school’s Manga library. Woohooo~~ I be going there on a non-school day just to read them all. :3 Teeeheeheee~~~

Ok, I don’t agree to fighting and violence and I know that the WORST and CROWS series are a lot more dark than what movies/anime depicted, but true enough, I am attracted by the base idea that these boys compete on the basis of raw power. No backstabbings and tricks.



Off to do my 2nd wind workout!

Love and light to all!!!



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