BLEACH; After 13 Years

Last night marked a really special time stamp for me. First, I finally found out the actual beginning of BLEACH, got clear of a couple of things and still, enough room is left for me to return to the story one day.

Following post probably contains spoilers, depends on how much you are into the story.

SOOO! Back in 2005 I started watching BLEACH, but for some reason I skipped the first or first few episodes. It was a legal trend to download Anime back then, probably I couldn’t get them or something.

Then I got through hundreds of episodes until how Shinigami mixes with Hollows and all those. I never knew why Ichigo (and his friends) was suddenly made human Shinigami and *GASP* what on earth did poor Rukia did to deserve death penalty back in Soul Society.

  • Shinigami = Death Gods (a little like grim reapers, tidy up lost souls, corrupted souls)
  • Hollows = Corrupted souls who go around eating high spiritual individuals or souls.

Apparently Rukia had a crippling injury while fighting a Hollow (she was protecting Ichigo) and she was just moments into begin eaten. Rukia got a smart plan to temporary make Ichigo a Shinigami by giving him some powers so he can slay that bloody hollow.

Who knows~~ Ichigo was too powerful and managed to take all of Rukia’s power but was too weak to easily return them.

The lapse in power return got the 6th Captain, also Rukia’s adoptive brother (as in the Cap adopted Rukia), to found out what happened and she was later turned in to be executed for this crime.

I once asked a friend to give me a summary of BLEACH and in the end she told me that Ichigo got together with Orihime and fans all went bonkers. I thought it was just a way to be politically correct or just something to irritate fans.

Only last night I get what happened.

Technically Rukia is some old soul, probably 2,000 years older. And Ichigo’s love initially stemmed from Ichigo’s innate telling that Rukia is an old child train as an assassin and could do with some human affection.

It was never romantic, at least from the start, it was just Ichigo’s innocent way of wanting to protect someone rather unfortunate (never got friends, never led a normal life) in Rukia’s shoes.

So, judging from all these, it is natural that this pure relation never blossomed into love.



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