Gym Diary, Japanese Class and FOOD!!

I read/watched somewhere that we are actually capable of 20% more than we think.

Last week we had a live call with Christie and I got a feeling that I will sleep through it at 1am. Plus, it makes sense to sleep, wake for my 10am class then wait for the recording.

I thought so in the past, but! We never know when our comments get picked up Christie and the best thing is to really put ourselves in that vibration at that time.

And crazy enough, I went to my first gym session in the evening that day. Plan was to tired myself enough so I can nap till 1am for the call.


Got on the elliptical for ONE HOUR and since then I just got a huge boost in fitness.

I also started with TechnoGym’s Vario and that is a GEM! It is much like an elliptical just that stride width goes according to the user. I so love to start taking big strides and go woooohoooooo~~~!!!

Another cool thing about it is, it is a great calorie burner.

Meanwhile I can also do 30 mins on the Octane at width 7.

Burnt a total of 500++ calories. Which is darn cool. However I am needing more rest time as of now. I was also perspiring SO much, my towel got damp form just drying my face. Even the pads of my sports bra is soak through.

I could literally feel my stomach scrunching in hunger after each exercise and last night as I took a little longer to prepare some stir-fried chicken breast, some kind of gastric pain almost kicked it.



Black pepper fish with onion rings and mashed potato with mushroom sauce.

I totally adore this place, it was an oasis for me during my Uni days. After mugging in the nearby library, I would just come here and people watch.

I used to try saving every bit of money I can, so my meals were sugary Bubble Teas. At one point later, it was Bubble Teas AND a meal. No wonder I put on some weight.

Meanwhile!! Scored the highest for my listening test. =D 81//100! And a test paper from 2002~~~ I was still 15!


While I have been steadily improving, I still think that the content of a test greatly affect my result.

One thing I learn in life is, if you genuinely encourage someone, you will probably either helped them, or get them to realise it is time to quit.

One need not go around being a know it all and make a mess out of it everything. People all grow at their pace, be a stuck up today and tomorrow you lose a friend. And the joke is on the once self-proclaimed better person.

Also at times people try to help but have little idea how. Having studied Japanese (weekly) for 12 years, I say, just stick to it if you really want it. YOU know it BEST.

I remember back in 2010, an acquaintance told me that mastering another language is only possible if I go back to childhood.

And that is IF I have a time machine.

I really cannot imagine not gaining all these years of love if I had listened to these folks. I know that many mean well, but many times people, even those close leads very different lives from us.

It is not the wisest to take their advice.


Lunch date with Mum.

Wanted to buy Mooncakes but they got sold out. Mum went into some sort of rage and has wanted to send me to Chinatown to bring back 1001 Chinese pastry.

Was able to calm her down. She then got Dad to get me the Piglet cookies. I ate only 2 this year. Past years I ate till I got sick of them and swear off them. O__O


First time at the gym’s swimming pool deck at night. It was full moon that day.

And it was wayyy surreal that expected, the design of this pool make it look much like an infinity pool.

Never really ponder much about architectural designs until now, they are amazing aren’t they? ❤


The whole thing about food!

Recently I came across an interesting post or video about this fitness guy. He said something along the lines of, we can’t keep losing weight forever, at one point it is either gainz (usually for guys) or simply we need to have something optimal to keep. And just like how kids will touch the hot stove if we tell them no, abstaining from certain food will make us want to eat them more.

While I have been eating wayyy cleaner and cleared my need of wanting to binge, I thought, I am still gonna have some “heavy” meals like fast food as and when. I suppose it will be the norm when I again lunch outside more and hang out with people.


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