ArtPeasArtPeace 22 and 23


Wow, so I completely didn’t generate any artpeace the month of September!

And I ain’t even taking part in Inktober this year. >__O Choosing not to commit this round. Ha! xD

Ettoo~~Late July, Early August Chu linked me this art site that has a little generator that churn out a phase along the category of your choice. Btw Chu if you are reading this please drop me a comment or something, I forgot the site name.

Use the ever so gorgeous charcoal pencils from Chu. EVERYONE SHOULD GET CHARCOAL PENCILS!!!!





One of those coming of age talks teachers gave us was, to never go into all these “western motivational” course.

I always thought it makes sense until I look into them. Yes, some are not only bogus, they maim you further, and then there is some that totally enlightens you.

I can’t even recognise the old me now.

Be so secure with yourself you know what to do.


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