I am having a really good time these days. Sleeping good, waking up good, eating good and having a blast internally. I am living.


I will miss this Soda water after fresh fruit infused water comes in.

Had a great workout at the gym yesterday. Basically I was just doing a crazy lot of cardio, improved health, YAY! The perk of getting stuck in the rain.


Wanted to get more pencils and 1 pcs is 60 cents. 24 pcs + free pen = $2.90.

And how do one do computer with pencils?! I am guessing it is for those test where people shade individual circles to mark their answers.


I see this billboard each week I get home from Japanese lesson. WOOHOOO~~~ here I come!

Direct flight to Okinawa sounds real exciting.


Another mock N2 test coming up. ❤

Got 2 bags of chips (another was some spice) with Okinawan flavour and well, not really a fan.


Post period week had me chomping down more food.

Wanted chicken kimbap but staff misheard it as chicken burger. Not to shabby. And seaweed fries = LOVE.


Had a sudden craving for noodles with spicy thick broth. And to Tori King @ Tanjong Pagar.


Spicy beansprouts and hard boiled eggs are on free flow. =D The insane thing here is also that one can customise the hardness of noodles, the spiciness, chicken oil and etc. I LOVE NOODLES WHICH ARE *just* COOKED.


Got extra thick broth DAN DAN NOODLES. I was in love. Most Japanese noodle house has broth made from pork, this is one RARE chicken soup place. ❤ ❤ ❤


Retro deco.


New slip ons. Passed them to Mummy coz her feet had been hurting and no shoes fit. My Mum has such delicate feet, pretty much no shoes fit her. O__O Yesterday an old pair of slippers were rubbing her skin off, but I was all fine with those slippers. And I really too have gorgeous feet, not like I got horrid callous or anything.


Changing my class to Thursday night on one of the days.

I am starting short compositions and at times the workload gets a little much. Especially on days where I got a Christie live call at 1am.

Still, 頑張ります!

Meanwhile I am still really into Tsukino sama. He is a contestant in サイテー男総選挙 (General Election of Lowest Men) and I can finally watch him clothed. The programme gathers men who are in “shady” professions and seriously I have never watched something that has all the sexual undertones. The programme is said to let women know this side of men.


Still to catch Tsukino sama being a lowly man, and meanwhile he is SO gorgeous my KOKORO.


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