My name is Yuxing (Chinese:宇幸, Japanese: ユシン) and I reside in Singapore.

I have been to 12 of the 47 Prefectures of Japan over 9 trips which 7 of them were solo trips. =D

However, there was a time I thought it would be impossible for me to travel, especially to a country erroneously thought to be expensive. I was still schooling.

A spark came to me during one accounting class where our lecturer told us that there are 3 types of people;

  1. Those who wait for things to happen
  2. Those who make things happen
  3. And those who wonder what happened

I immediately planned on to take on a part time job while I study.

In 2011, I set foot in Osaka and I thought, great baby! It came true. And then in 2012, I thought, Hit Me Baby One More Time. And so forth.

Something magical also happened on flight during my first trip.

I took a budget airline that had no in-flight entertainment. I thought I was gonna drive myself crazy with my thoughts, but I was pleasantly shocked that not only was I not effected by own negative thoughts, I was able to deal with them rationally. Like how Shunryu Suzuki put it;

“Leave your front door and your back door open.
Allow your thoughts to come and go.
Just don’t serve them tea.”

I grew to cherish this kind of heart twangings and I think everyone should go on an adventure with themselves, by themselves.

This blog is dedicated to all that stemmed from my heart twangs.


18/6/2017, Sunday




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