Xingible Art Supplies! <3 (Part 2)

It has been a while! The first series is here.

New pen additions. It started with the Hello Kitty pen which I randomly gotten at my old school’s bookshop. Coz I forgot my entire pencil case that day. It was a fine 0.38 tip and, it was amazing for finer lines for my #inktober2017 !!! ❤ ❤ ❤

From left:

  1. Staedtler Pigment Liner in 0.2
  2. Sakura Pigma Micron in 0.05 (!!!!) –> Got this for Dad and he doesn’t fancy it in the end, haven’t really use this in drawings in though.
  3. Uni-ball Signo RT, Hello Kitty version, in 0.38 –> I love that it is a click pen!! =D
  4. Faber-Castell GRIP X5 –> It is sooooo smooth my muscle actually can’t catch up to it! Quite the best ball point I gotten. I think it is Malaysia exclusive. >__<


How pretty!!! Zebra Mildliners. They are basically highlighters that are not so overwhelming.


The green is soooo pretty!! I wonder how I can use them for art. Any ideas? 💛💚💗

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Pilot Juice Pens in pastels, 0.5. I was hoping that they turn up more on my kraft paper. Not so much but they can be layered on.


Pastel colours!! ❤💛💚💙💜💟 #PilotJuice

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Nod the layering of colours. AND BTW!! The world needs to know this!! NEENEE’s MV is out.

Also, I made my old brush jar as my Dream Fund jar. The jar looks smaller in pictures, but it is of quite a decent size. As of now, there should be enough for food for a couple of weeks. ❤


And I gotta have a new bag for these pens. ❤


Peace and Love!! ❤ ❤ ❤


Ink & Watercolours #EverythingYama

I am truly enjoying my #inktober2017 so much. ❤ ❤ ❤

I had seriously thought that it is gonna be troublesome to work with inks and pens. But… I actually grew to love it sO much! I even got a new pen set. OTL… Something I never thought about trying.


This supposed to be first an ink peace, but I WANT watercolours on it.

I really don’t have the Dokisss for Yama but this guys is just sO fantastic. If I ever get to meet him person, I be leeching all his vibes to the best that I can. I *think* the below is taken at Miyagi Coast in Chatan. ❤


I still remember feeling all excite about #inktober2017 and now… just 10 more days and it is a wrap. A new personal project that I want to embark on is~~~~~~~ #EVERYTHINGYAMA !!! That is to draw/paint out Yamato’s IG stuff. =D


There is just something lovely with high GSM paper. They are so good to use. ❤ ❤


My pen glided SO AMAZINGLY PERFECTLY on the paper. It is actually a #sparkjoy !!!

Another I grew to love is actually highlighting the ink drawings. Since I am using white paper this round, I used highlighters. MIDliners to be exact. (I got the PINK, GREEN and YELLOW 3 pcs pack.)



These stuff are absolutely amazing just that Yellow san can be a little too pale. Added a stronger pink and can I just say, THIS IS PERFECT BABY. P-E-R-F-E-C-T-O.


I too love love love love my flat brush to no end. How is it that with just ONE wash of water colours the bleeding, overlapping and all can get sO beautiful? I love I love and I love.

I really can’t wait to get more out of my drawings. Dear Chu I love you for staring the ArtProject with me!!! ;___;

First Haircut Day 0


Yeap, that happened. To think my very first time here was when I first begun my NEET life. That is Strawberry Mango tea, first time having ice tea here.

Underestimated how long it will take to get to Komorebi and extremely miraculously… I was *only* 5 minutes late. And I even got to jaywalk, cutting down on time.

Upon reaching, it was only then that I felt all bad being in 55 minutes before closing. O__O Next time, I will properly assign a free day for hair cutting. ❤

And I was having sO much hair.

I had to dug deeper to gather my hair to tuck behind my ears, and then!!! They bounce out. My last hair cut was *just* 3 months ago. I too had illegally, secretly chopped my own fringe some while in between. Considering that I keep bangs, it is a great wonder to why I can snap sO much off.

Xingible’s hair has a life force on her own.



I really appreciate the haircuts Molly san had been giving me. In fact, she had initiated cutting the sides of my hair short and gotten the perfect short-cut that I really adore. Even though time was a little short last night, Molly still make sure that my fringe is short enough to my liking, she had remember that my hair grows real fast and also that I like Orange Range. xD

Again, while washing my hair again last night (got wax on), I was again reminded why I love getting my hair cut at salons again.

They put in all the care so that all loose cut hair won’t continue sticking around.

And yes. Their massage after a long day is god-sent. *dissolve in bliss*

And some songs.

Recently re-explored HMC’s songs, sO nostalgic and lol there is a a part where Yuusuke was trimming his girlfriend’s hair. So sweet!!! Until… don’t leave me hanging. Did his band mates just spoilt his date? ROFL!!!

I always remember this thing Morgan Sensei said, that “young people must do young people things, don’t only go to a disco when you are 60 in a mini skirt.”

There are so much meaning in that casual one-liner. For me it is, life is progressive, if somehow you managed to skip things or bring things too early, they will come back or get delayed to the right time.

This THING about me had weaned off A LOT, but still there are some bits left, which I too wish to fulfill them as quickly as possible. That is, I feel like the things I skipped in my younger youth is accumulating so much that they trashed my future from unfolding. Now, yes, no, maybe and even what the hell, strange as it goes, I got forced to meet them face on and it was only from there I get to move on.

A lot of people see moving on as letting something go completely, but at times, you just need to go back.

A lot of amazing things have been happening and I am just happily overwhelmed. I want to talk about them here but that would take up time for me to enjoy more of these insane goodness. So, please allow me to settle down first.

Naoto/the man of my dreams is still welcome to say Hi though! ❤

Next!!! Orange Range Chirachira Rhythm. Why do I want to eat ice cream all of a sudden? And Naoto’s guitar strap is sO cute!! ❤ ❤ ❤

And Molly is a fan of Mr Children.

Funnily, Mr Children always reminds me of this thing back in 2013.

It was my first time in Tokyo by myself and I was totally under-dressed (hoodie + tights and shorts and Converse) for a late Spring night of 13 degree Celsius. I remember the temperature vividly coz it was displayed on a large screen.

There was a street busker from Osaka who sang **JUST LIKE** Mr Children. It was surreal. He was sO good, even buskers around stopped to listen. So do smart businessman rushing around the station.

❤ Love and Peace!! ❤

Dishing Out Japanese, Moarrr Inktober (me is amazing) and Life in General; OH! Magic Pencils

Before I start on my crazy Anime life, let’s talk about…


It still barely cover my collar but but but… it has been a while. My hair is just all over the place. My bro, like REAL BLOOD BRO had been tasked twice to clean my dressing table. He was just cleaning the house and Mum  asked him for a favour.

He usually would just clean but both times he went, “THAT WAS DISASTROUS. HOW DID YOU?” My hair has her own life force.

Well, the real thing here is, by some flow of fate, I was… dealing with Japanese text. Lotas it. I had wondered if I should go back to Pre-Advance Classes instead of Business Japanese Class, and now, it HAS TO BE BUSINESS. Japanese.

And my new tip is, go through a reasonable amount of translating. Just sit through it.

And when you are done, likely you be rapping in Japanese. This is tested and proven and it cannot be wrong. I have been avoiding it all but it came to me.

I got these amazing magic pencils recently.

It was sO good going into an art shop. My kukuru just burst. Overjoyed. ❤ I guess I will be going back often. Colour pens, colour GLITTER pens, art paper.



The one with a swirling body art is one ENTIRE LEAD with paint on. I am not sure how to fully utilise it, but, for the sake of it, I got one.


I guess my lead are still pretty sharp, so it takes a bit for different colours to pop.

And yes, it was sO nice walking around the Rochor area. My kukuru rejoiced.

Kukuru is Heart in Okinawan. I cannot stop using it. I Kukuru Naoto. ROFL!!!


And crazy skinny pen! Dad wanted something FINE, but decided that it is not what he want. So, hello and welcome to the Xingible teeming collection. ❤ ❤ ❤


I actually had a good day shopping. I got like a neck pillow with a tail, with a bow. NANI KORE. And that day was the long anticipated Televis Night 2017.


I don’t have the Dokis for Yama but but but but… how could all of you. ;___;



It is a surreal(?) wonderful feeling to have people recognise you and initiate genuine chats. Apparently I really stuck out at my old school, as the only Obasan around, and staff are remembering me. And I thought of you Chu! I got so many things to tell you but I don’t know where to start?

It is like #ProjectAnime got initiated and yeah. It gotten that way.

I will bump into Naoto on the street soon. Then I can tell if he smells like refreshing Shikwasa. ;___; ❤

Nao, my Inktober.




At first I was like ah!! Yama and Naoto in dresses!!! Hiroki got a plushie, Ryo is looking cool and then… Yoh is in a suit and Naoto??? Why are all you boys like taking each other??


Shy Naoto

So in NEENEE, Naoto is affectionately called 末っ子。The last child. He got two older bros.





high-and-mighty-color-4dcec36036dff (1).jpg

Maki’s voice is crazy amazing, one of a kind.



Day 13 was teeming. I was really sleepy but I MUST!!!


How is everyone doing? I miss Morgan Sensei.

I thought about him today and I got teary all over again. It is funny. When I get to see him, I be like, let’s not see this guy so much. And now, *goes cries again*

Printing @ Singapore Polytechnic

This morning I sheepishly went into a printing shop at SPECTRUM (T15, Basement), Singapore Polytechnic.

I didn’t know that there was a door at the side and had thought that the shop runs the REALLY old school way where we pass documents to the staff though the window and they will do the photocopying for us.

Finding me a little strange, the Aunty directed me to the door.

After some fumbling around, I told her that I am a graduate of 2007, that’s why I am new to all these. She was a little startled and I said, “Lol, there weren’t even thumbdrives during my days.”


What Aunty told me next really gave me some instant enlightenment.

She lamented that during my batch (she probably have children or relatives my age), Local University courses for specific diplomas were few. Folks either have to go overseas or, pretty much just little choices. But now, we got more private Universities.

10 years ago when I can’t make into a local University, I thought I was a tragic loser.

Ever heard of the If-Then model? If I get a degree, I then can be happy. If I get a good spouse, then I can be happy. And so forth. I learnt this from Prof Srikumar Rao.

Only today I realise, yes, I could have been happier if I made it to a local University, but still, today I am happy without needing what I thought I needed.

This is good, like BOOMZ BAM BAAAA WOAH kind of good. Not just some encouraging words to hype your day, prepare to be knocked out of yourself.

By the way, I found my really lovely printing shop today, the above mentioned shop. ❤ They charge 5 CENTS per page (Black and White), both photocopies and printing from the computer/thumbdrive. They open Monday to Friday from 8:30am. I have gotten charged 50, FIFTY, CENTS per page for printing from the computer at some other outside shops before. ;__;

Heehaaa~~~ send me all the JLPT Ten-Year-Series nao!! I **ONLY** have just TWO undone exam compilations. :3


How I Could Have Saved Money on Classes

In the last Business Japanese lesson, I casually told my classmate that I am at lost at whether to continue on Business Japanese or go back to Pre-Advances classes.

  • Business Japanese of coz allows me to get better in Business Japanese.
  • But Pre-Advance would prepare me inline with JLPT and have lotas conversational practices and it would be wayyy more free and easy without having to use polite to honorific/humble forms.

Then, my classmate, one of the best girl around, told me that two other classmates and her actually have 2 classes per week. This current Biz and Advance class.

All three of them are quite the best and most vocal people in the class.

As years went by, I notice, this arrangement ain’t for me.

Especially that I only developed hobbies and what not when I started working. Fancy as it sounds, I would love to have a DAY to do my stuff. Be it blogging, painting and all. 日本語を復習しないこともないです。wwwwwww~~~~

I found out that, the best learning way for me is to really, REALLY revise.

I did tried to pile up my week with lessons. And when I got that, I have no time to revise and do my homework and so I don’t revise and do my homework and the cycle repeats. I then don’t retain anything.

I also tried the, “just get myself to a class, this way I get ‘force’ to consume a lesson” thing. Did a JLPT preparatory class for it, doesn’t work.


Looking forward to it all!! ❤

ArtPeace, I Mean Inktober 2017, No… It is About Orange Range Again. Teehee~~

I don’t want to mix art peaces up in the categories of Xingible Art Project 2017 and Inktober 2017, but but but, just allow me to talk about this today. =D

Day 3 of Inktober is POISON.

And here, unceremoniously, Day 2. ROFL. I actually didn’t keep the original photo. I still can take another one, but that will be different. Also, I ate real pizza and pasta that day.

Ohh~~ Back to the main stuff.

I remembered “中毒” (poisoned) being used by fans on IG with regards to Orange Range and how about let’s just do it! If you ever find yourself in a fandom, people at times say the darn-est things. And that is just really in the name of fun. Don’t get offended by it.

And when I mean crazy, it can be married ladies with cute children saying that they want to have affairs with memberS of Orange Range. Maybe not your cup of tea and one can arguably say it is misandry, like what, why are these people thinking of forcing themselves onto these people, just because, just because they are… men?? ;__;

Fandom can be really unpredictable, but I love the people I know, they are nice and polite and would even offer me Japanese help. What I love most is looking into the snippets of what they share about their lives. ❤ LOVE THOSE! And Thank You!!


I proudly showed Mum this and her first reaction was, “Omg, how did you get it so accurate??? O__O”

Knowing that Mum had never seen my reference picture, this means, my Mother, actually thinks that I can draw people out from memory, in such nice poses. O__O


(I had thought that Ryo was resting his shin on his brother’s shoe, I died a little, in a good way coz too cute. ❤ But nah~ he wasn’t.)

I think, in life, one of the grandest thing we can give someone is to believe in them to such an extent. Purely from the heart. Purely from faith and love and all those goodness. Becoz with logic, I can’t jump to drawing people realistically from memory just after Day 2.

Mama Love is awesome and magical.

And Orange Range’s original interview is here. I cannot look at Naoto straight coz he is too cute and…

My real blood mother looks like Naoto.

It is starting to get unclear if I really have crushes on the Hiroyama brothers (bless the fact that Naoto has two other older brothers who are twins <3) or just coz SCIENCE! I naturally feel connected to them.

Btw, sometimes, we learn from ourselves if we just go do stuff. Drawing is something I had been wanting to get my hands on but put it on hold coz… I don’t think I can draw, so I don’t draw and the cycle repeats.

Frankly, on my first piece today I drew Yama (middle guy) too large and I won’t be able to fit in Hiroki (left) and Ryo (right). I really love my sketch and I thought, maybe I should just save time and list Yama as my Poison. Plus, I was really worried about how inking everybody will turn out.

Then I thought, no, let’s just DO IT.


One fear I had with inking is, I don’t get the sketchy links that will smooth out things. But this turned out good!


Adding some shadings. Wheeee~~~ Hello Kitty pen at 0.38 point to the rescue!! I usually use 0.5 and preferably 0.7 pens. I love thicker lines but I have to admit that fine pens make shadings better.

And the white highlights are just amazing. A large reason why I use brown paper.

These that I bought are counted as craft paper, so they cost crafty, but I am sure it can cost less if it is really recycled paper. Yet, the good thing is there is ZERO bleeding. I want to splash my watercolours on it someday. Heeehaaa!!!


Apologise for the greasy bag but hey!! It is delicious McDee fries!! Work desk today before sketching!