Yes! 31st December 2017

My, YOU have been a gem!

And I look forward to a bigger, better, amazingly new YOU. ❤

Happy 2018 everybody!! ❤ ❤ ❤



Chanced upon Chigiri-e a couple of months back and got quite a bit of Origami (origami literally means folding paper in Japanese) paper. Daiso got them sO brilliantly!! SO MANY COLOURS and SOOOOoOOOOo MANY STYLES.

The goal is to fold reach 100 peaces of work. I wonder how it will go. =D

Paper 001


If I am not wrong, my bro taught me this, and a few others. THE BROTHER. Like my real SIBLING. SAME PARENTS. xD

I don’t know why, but over the years I dubbed him bad at art and whatnot. Mister was an art student.

Frankly, and NOT in a bad way, I still find myself under his shadow a little.

What do I say, I am grateful actually, to have an elder sibling go test things out and I take a safer path.

Paper 002


This suppose to be a piano but reminds of this bench in Okinawa City.


Paper 003



Really easy, just that I can’t stand it up although I tried to flatten the bottom.

Paper 004


I consider myself enlighten. Yes, this project shall ends as soon as it begins.

Just kidding.

I read somewhere that there is something deeper to the art of Origami. Notice that only squared paper are used? Like people have to think upon how to work with what they have.

Anyway this paper bow requires some cutting, still, THE CENTRE PIECE IS A MIRACLE BABY!!!! MIIIIIIIIIRACLEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

From nao on, my rest days would be on Monday and Tuesday. It feels REALLY good to go out and about on a weekday. =D

Towards ALL the awesome things, よろしくお願いします!!

Also, what are some ways that I can advertise my art? Please contact me if you have some good bits to share. I WILL GIFT YOU SALTED CARAMEL ICE CREAM!!! =D

ArtPeace 83, 84, 85, 86 and 87

Kept seeing on various SNS that it was Yoh’s birthday and didn’t thought much about it until…


In Kizuna, filmed in 2005, Yoh had a t-shirt that has the word “UNITY” on.


Fast forward 12 years, this is their tour name.

Now everybody, I am sure that Yoh has super powers. He can time-travel.

Also this was my 83th art peace, Yoh is born in 1983! =D

I had the plan to follow Yama’s IG story and draw out a card for each of their tour days. And sure I fell behind it and THERE ARE TRILLION, GAZILLION other amazing things. First thing is, we got a new office!!! I got so much to talk about it, it was just smashing amazing.


Also, the next time people ask what I do, I be saying, I love to print screen Yama’s IG Stories and re-post them.

And since you guys reading this are my friends, my real, dear friends, I shall say one reason why I adore these men from afar.

Last night Yama was at his grandma’s house and he held his baby niece no.2.

(Again, if you don’t find this adorable, you are also not my friend. xD)

In his next story, there was Kuni sama and Shingo. Two lovely person who frequently hang out with Yama. Yama circled their faces and wrote that “people who are not my family are also here.”

Unless Yama is some hideously awful person, it must be that the 3 of them are really close. Such that Yama can talk about such things.

And the whole, whole, WHOLE point is, if you are not seeing this kind of love among your own friends, maybe there are stuff you wanna consider.

Of coz, not everyone will live the same way. This is just a very amazing thing that I am looking at and would use as a yardstick. ❤


Ohhhhh~~~ let’s swoon over good paper again. When I made error, I simply scrape them out with my penknife. I am thinking of an ink-eraser though. For colour errors, I simply wipe them with a piece of cloth. xD

Meanwhile, I also discovered this radio show. It is ORANGE RANGEのコザ無料案内所. Didn’t find any subs and AGAIN!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU FOLKS FROM THE EARLY 2000s?? Me is still around here! ❤ ❤ ❤ YOUR FRIEND, ME, IS STILL HERE!!! ❤ ❤ ❤



And it gets better, apparently I can listen to Oki Radio on the web. And it is a LIVE recording. xD Hahahahahahaaaaa~~~~

Artpeace 85.


Now, the rules changes. It is ok that you don’t find Naoto cute. In fact you cannot find him cute. He is ALL mine.


Yes. MINE.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Naoto is just adorable. ❤


Mum picked on my Kanji and asked why I wrote 大女子 (big lady) above Naoto. It is actually 大好き (like/love).

Artpeace 86


Saw this on Takashi’s IG and I **just** have to draw it out!!!

And the Sakura Micron pen is soOooOOooooOOooooo good.

I also learn a new word. EP = Extended Play. Too long for a single, not really an album. xDDD Cute!!

And braggy braggy~~~~ Uezu san saw and liked my picture. I celebrated with a 10-day feast. Yes.

Today is a happy dayyyy!!!

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And! I think Takashi is really cute! ❤

Last year they were in Singapore and I was like, the guitar guy is sexy. And he has long hair. xD


Me still thinking of a way to show these fluorescent colours. In photos they turn sort of pastel.



Sometimes I do the darnest thing. I was seeing 宝物 on the shelves when I was in Tokyo but it just DID NOT came to my mind to freaking buy it. I was like WOW! MONGOL800!! Oh yeah!! And went by.

Samples of their songs can be found here.

And this appear to be the start of a series of stuff Mongol800 is gonna do for their 20th year formation.

Also, they are a miracle band, it was said that they did little to no advertising during their debut days and as they were so wonderful they just got all over the place.

Artpeace 87

I had this idea since forever and I finally got it out last night.


How is Christmas for everyone?



Agree with me that Ryo is handsome. YES.

Btw, I got this postcards to really paint, spray seal and send them to people. And then. Yeah. xD I love this!

And these means… I can send these to people!!! =D

First Mobile Post

22:47pm now.

Waiting for cab home.

Also, this is my first mobile post. 😁 I wonder if Emoji works.

So, I don’t remember working till so late. And the amazing thing here is, it was all lovely. Those that everyone work together, late but still dinner and all.

While mopping today, I had this beautiful & happy thought, I am happy and there are so much that I want to share with everyone. So much that I want to draw and write.

Surely soon again.

It is pouring now and cab driver is a slightly older bro who used to lived in my area. He reminisced those youth times.

And folks… Tomorrow is my first class.

As a Sensei.

Rest Well My Dear Boy

On Monday, a colleague asked if we know SHINee.

My eyes brighten and I said yes and I thought there were gonna be a lot of fangirling.

And then, it was that Jonghyun passed.

For a few seconds, I wanted to lied to myself that it was a utterly distasteful hoax. Then maybe Jonghyun was reached in time. It all didn’t happen.

I hopped onto the bandwagon back in 2010 and followed after SHINee.

It was only for a brief period and friends and I that time called ourselves Pedo-Noona. It means Pedophile Older Sister, since members of SHINEE were all very young. Oldest Onew born in 1989 and Taemin 1994. I was a PRIMARY ONE kid in 1994.

So I had a pedo-crush on Jonghyun.

I don’t know why but my heart really broke.

May you rest well and find peace.

100 Things For Year 2018

SO!! About my art peaces…

Just kidding!!

But something like that.

Over lunch a couple of weeks back I was thinking of what new things should I add into 2018. It was actually something additional coz I do feel that I am quite fulfilled with a lot of things.

AND THEN!!!!!!! I THINK I NAILED IT ALL. Come 2019, nao.

I started my Chu & Xingible Art Project January 18th this year. It was to draw all the things that I didn’t get a chance to photograph. I thought of drawing 100 pieces and sooOoOooOOOOn I kinda side-tracked a lot. A LOT. And I drew a whole bunch of other stuff.

But it was one of the greatest thing that happened to me. Connected with SO MANY AMAZING PEOPLE and best of all, I didn’t know I can DRAW! I love, love, love, and LOVEEEEE it!!

So, since just 80+ art peaces can do so much (namely Inktober, 300gsm paper, watercolour and alllllllllllllllllll), I am just gonna work on a 100 peace of the things that I keep feeling a call to.

  1. Korean learning
  2. Guitar

I can already see myself rapping in Korean nao and going to the music store to get 2 picks.

Btw, from now on, I be going to work from one of the busiest station in Singapore. The best thing is really, commuting is cut short some 30 minutes!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ And I get to see a whole stretch of evening sun on my way back.


Office view from previously.

It is from the far end side of SG and under normal circumstances I hardly go there. It was a lovely, lovely experience.


The view for a few months. I remember always looking out to gauge if it is gonna rain or is the rain gonna stop.


The local Yoshinoya has a big change in their menu. PERFECT BABY.


Last week the whole sky was tainted pink after the rain during sunset.


Tropics is the most wonderful sometimes. ❤ ❤ ❤

And apparently I can listen to the LIVE of Hiroki and Ryo’s RECORDED show. Wows.

I think I am really gonna cry and chock on my own tears when I hear them in real life one day.

And yes to all of you reading this, LOVE ME!!! ❤

What would it takes for something seriously magical to happen NOW??? ❤


Yushin KUN!!


I am so loving this radio show.


Was just casually listening to Hiroki and Ryo when things started getting a little interesting. There is a section where them both would read fanmails and Ryo said some deep stuff about life is actually long, a little failure now is not permanent.

Suddenly I heard~~


Apparently, towards the end, a lovely boy in first year of primary school wrote in. He told Hiroki and Ryo that he got a crush on a senior in her last year. And that he is a little sad that she is gonna graduate soon and leave the school.

So, what do Ryo suggest for him to give as a present to a girl he likes. He was thinking of a letter.

Also, Ryo’s COSTUMES is really cool.


I guess this little guy mean that Ryo is fashionable, but he used COSTUME, which suggests that Ryo is dressing up as the he now. Which is innocently funny. To which Hiroki and Ryo let out their amazing laughter. My heart rejoiced.

This boy than signed off as YUSHIN.

Ryo confirmed the name a few times (Hiroki was the one reading) and had thought that it was RYU-shin, that felt like Shooting Star. My real name sounds a bit like Rain Star too.

And this was how two of my most favourite persons on earth said my name a few times.

In the end, Ryo told him to write a letter suitable for a primary 6 and to write it in his own accord, not asking his parents on how it should go about. Hiroki added that he could practise on his handwriting too.

I chuckled and shed a tear to the last part.

I think my mental model about adulthood had killed out a large part of my real intuition.

This whole thing might be staged. And also, it seems impossible that a 7 year old can write all those.


Who knows?

I think something beautiful just happened.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Yushin kun the whole of today.

And in my pompous mind, dearest Yushin kun, I don’t know how many times your heart will get broken till you find the women who matches your maturity on a soul level. But I am sure that there is someone for you.

I don’t know you, just remotely sharing the same name some thousand of miles away.

Thank you for taking such a brave step in your OWN life. It was real good to hear my name being read. AND DEAR GOD IT WAS RYO.


Random picture I grabbed from the net.

My new bff criteria goes, if you do not find Ryo handsome and his voice really amazing, YOU CANNOT BE MY FRIEND EVER. And if Hiroki doesn’t touch the depths of your heart, you too cannot be my friend EVER. Since there is Yoh here, if you didn’t realise his nail colour, you too cannot be my friend foreverrrr.


And to all of you amazing people, what amused you today? ❤

I hope you will always find wonderful things like Yushin kun and find people so worthy of your love, like how loving Orange Range brings me joy. ❤ 心からありがとうございます!