Tenkaiji/Tinkeiji, Okinawa

Artpeace 41~!! ❤

(Progression pictures all the way below.)


3.0 because there is this awesome history, and grey tiles coz the famous Okinawan red roofs only begun in the early 18th Century!! Flowers –> Left: Ixora and Right: Lantana camara.



So! Tenkaiji (天界寺) or Tinkeiji (Okinawan Language) is one of the three major Ryukyuan royal family temple. It was first established in the 14th Century by the 6th King of the 1st Sho Dynasty; built around 1450 to 1456. Some sources state that it is specially to enshrine the unmarried princes and princess, which probably mean the royal children who passed away young, thus, not married.

Initially there was:

  1. Sleeping chamber (probably for the temple’s Abbot)
  2. Abbot’s chamber
  3. Double corridoor (両廊: A building style)
  4. East room
  5. West room
  6. Kitchen (!!)
  7. Well


A sketch of what 両廊 should look like, two other paths on the left and right (usually sheltered) from the gates to the main hall.

A large hall named 大宝殿 and a golden bell was also later added in 1466. However, everything got heavily damaged in a fire in the 1576 and repair works took a while, it was said that this is partly due to that the 2nd Dynasty Sho Kings no longer pay as much attention to Tenkaiji as the 1st and 2nd Dynasty Sho Kings are not related by blood.

The following rebuilding was pretty grand as stone lions were carved with peonies and coloured. There was also a pine forest towards the back of the temple grounds.

As for the well, it was quite a thing coz since the temple was built on rocky grounds, finding water source was difficult, it was eventually dug with the help of a Chinese guy, 蔡応瑞, he is probably those learned folks of Kumemura.

Finally at 2.0 version of Tenkaiji, the temple was transformed into a Mitunchi (三殿内), where shrines of the vicinity’s high priestesses were bought together.

Unfortunately, everything was damaged in the 1945 war, only some bits of the main hall and the above mentioned well remains.


The former temple ground area are now occupied by Shuri Park Management Centre.

The plaque can be found on that spot right before the traffic light.



Additional reading:

  1. Full long history and current photos. (Japanese)
  2. More history and picture of plaque location. (Japanese)
  3. Another page on history and picture of well. (Japanese)
  4. Bits of history and tones of high resolution pictures! (Japanese)
  5. About Tenkaiji. (ENGLISH!! Yay!!!)
  6. Page search for “天界寺” and take the whole piece with a large pinch of salt. It is good history but totally not refined AT ALL. It has usage of “Lolita”, “Otaku” and “Gamer”, so… imagine that in regards to historical writing. (Chinese though!)

My main reference was this old map dated in the 17th Century.





I am sOOOoOOOOoo thrilled with my water colour set! ❤


Wanted the reds and blues to show more but I love how it all turned out! ❤



I was just thinking that I will never get to use this and~~ It makes the perfect sun-kissed wood!



I tried adding white to the neon pink, and it still looks pretty neon.


Stones and coffee hearts on my test pad. Still not very familiar with watercolours.


At times I grab my brush wash water wrongly, but luckily I didn’t drink it.


Sketch a cat for fun. ❤

Fulfilling Days

I have been busy!

What a thing to say, but yeah.

Things are starting to clutter around my work space and … WHY NOT!!! AHAHHAAHHAHAaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~

Just kidding!

So, a few major things have been happening. The first thing being “letting go,” and stuff like this.

Like I had mentioned a few many, many times, the whole thing about letting go is an impossible thing to me. Like, if by will I can do it, the past wouldn’t keep bothering me right? RIGHHHHTTT??

But again I got to see this in a very, very different light again. And this is all thanks to the ever-loving Dawn. I mean, I love all my friends and family, but Dawn is that one person I *know* in my heart that she will have a blessed live all bcoz she is so kind.

Over lunch, after watching Spiderman (btw the movie is damn cool, gotta watch it!!!), I casually started talking about some woes that involved ex-friends being dishonest and such. Then I started to wonder if there are any lessons to be learned and all those.


After a light analysis on things, Dawn told me that the real lesson is really for me to let go.

Which of coz I couldn’t register.

But that planted a good seed.

When I got home, I begin to think about things, like I always do, do, do~~

Be it that it was me who wronged someone, or like what I see, I was wronged, and all those in between, I think I carried those weight ENOUGH. I ought to and deserved to drop those baggage.

Adding on to these, I have been hearing the term self-love and all those from motivation speakers (not the best term, but so to speak!) and the one question is, “am I NOT loving myself?” And I see that I wouldn’t let a person I love carry so many baggage that no longer serve any purposes. For all I know, those folks whom I still have a negative charge with probably don’t even remember who I am.

Also, not everyone is powerful like Dawn. People might even leave you coz they can’t help but feel drained by negativity, and worse still, it is negativity that has no purpose. Not like they usually have any meaning though. And if they are nice enough to stay, why taint another with meaningless sadness?

And there. This was how I got enlighten.

The 2nd thing being!

Hohohohooooo!!! Ryukyu RE-Imagined!!


Yup, I am just very, very into all the historical stuff. I will touch on this as and when, thing is, there are so many beautiful things to discover!

One of the amazing thing I discovered is from here, a compilation (in Japanese, English and Chinese!!!) of historical stuff in Naha, Okinawa.


(Larger version)

The phrase “unmarried princes and princesses” have been appearing for some while and it always puzzled me to no end. Like, how can the royal match-making system not work??? With cross references with Chinese texts, it seems like “unmarried princes and princesses” means the royal children who died young, before the marriageable age.

The translation put things in a very beautiful way huh?

Paintings can take a few days, together with all the researches and all. BUT I AM ENJOYING THEM SO MUCH!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Current project!! Very excited to work with watercolour this round!!! =D

The third thing is about Mindvalley’s stuff. (Consciousness Engineering.)

For today, I will talk on subconscious.

Frankly, I can’t say I took in everything but as I move forward with life and all those, the teachings begun to come in and aid me with decisions and all. One thing being Don Jose Ruiz saying this; “addicted to suffering”. Like the first section I talked on, by not letting go of things, I was actually addicted to suffering!!

He is so adorable! And of coz amazing talk! ❤

Okie, lunch and the watercolouring soon! ❤ ❤ ❤

ArtPeace 39 and 40!! Types of Stone Wall in Okinawa and Yamato’s IG Story

OMG I REACHED 40! That is 40% of target! ❤ Again for the n-th time, I thought I was gonna quit after the 4th piece.

By the way, I have gotten myself the Daler Rowney’s Cold Pressed Grain Fin paper (me had been wanting to work on that type of paper!!) and Pentel’s watercolours. I managed to get a set that comprised of 6ml tubes, which is perfect for a start! ❤ And boy! I am so thrilled at the colour selection. THEY HAVE GREY!

And they are so tiny and cute!! ❤ ❤ ❤


Ok, Artpeace 39!

Types of stone walls in Okinawa. I hope you guys will start on a discovery journey like I did! Got most of my information here. And about Taketomi Island here.

Stone Types

And… I am certain that I got a tube of NEON pink.

Frankly, it was a whole new thing with watecolours, although poster colours are sO similar. The colours are very transparent and not sure if it is just this kind of Grain Fin paper, the colours get absorbed very fast too.

I had to take note to mix in lesser water than I do with my poster colours and to be quicker on areas that I want to have a smooth blend. The lovely part is, whether it is the adding on of colours on dried colours or wet colour, it became a whole new thing to discover and expect!! ❤ ❤

Artpeace 40~! ❤

For Yamato

After Yamato’s IG story. I just have too.



Initial sketch. I have never been to art school. The last art book I read back in Polytechnic was about drawing characters and that was some 12 years ago. I was at first very intimidated to start on this piece, like OMG it is nature.

Sometimes we just have to start on things and learn along the way. At times we can actually regret trying, but you improve from there (check out my first attempt at Artpeace 11 on sunsets). And at times, you are amazed at where you already are.

I love my progress. I am happy with my own pace at my own pace. And my heart is sO happy that I drew a scene in Okinawa. Like I AM **REALLY** HAPPY! ❤ Thank you Yamato! ❤ ❤ ❤ Btw, in the last few days of 2016, I made my SOLE 2017 resolution to be bright like Yamato.


This got me to realise that I still need brushes of other sizes. Thankful that I got this Size 10 brush with me. I always use it to collect water and had thought of discarding it. D=


And lastly, something cute on Yamato’s IG.

#yamatoG is sO full of loveee!! Why sO cute?!

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ArtPeace 38: Engakuji Reimagined + Progress Picutures

Engakuji Reimagined

❤ Done! ❤

So~ There is this pretty amazing story with Engakuji (Okinawa). Engakuji is a family temple of the Ryukyu Kings. In the 2nd Sho Dynasty, Sho Shin had this temple built to enshrine his father, the late Sho En.

The first time I was there in 2014, I found the right side gate and went in. I was very thrilled to go inside a ruin and started photographing and exploring. And then I came by this spot and I immediately wanted to cry.

It was strange coz it was a sudden thing and I thought, well, maybe it just hit me that I am inside a building damaged by war so it is natural for me to feel sad.

This year I went back again and went in to take a look. When I stepped back at that very same spot, I was choking up with tears!!! I got sort of scared and left. Went back 5 more times to see if it was all my imagination and 3 of the times I started tearing. The other 2 times, I was focusing on not letting “it” affect me.

And recently, during a meditation, I saw a man in red robe looking at me. Ryukyu Kings has red robes but this guy has no crown. And strange enough, the Ryukyu Kingdom was overthrown.

I did all the researches I could and apparently there are nothing crazy on the temple’s right side. In fact, the important halls were on the left.

I don’t know what happen and may this painting be my good wish that Engakuji get rebuilt soon. Until today, people still pray at the gates, explaining why there is an incense holder at the door.

(Did a post on the findings I have on Engakuji here.)


Used my new brushes! Frankly they are a bit stiffer than my OMNI brushes. But I love these sizes and all. =D


Daiso’s house brand white poster colours blended well with my Sakura’s colours. ❤


I usually mix 3 kinds of grey for my stone walls.

  • Yellow grey (medium-ish diluted)
  • Light grey (most diluted)
  • Darker grey (most opaque)


First sketch! I was quite worried about how to put in the other doors, it looked like I lacked space totally.


Somehow it worked! =D


And 2nd gate added.


And the bell tower. At this point I was wondering if I should put in the main hall. I was afraid that it will look too cluttered. At then, I put the idea on hold.


It was challenging to paint in the walls and all!


Stone wall done!!


Added in Nio chans. I actually felt quite, kinda strange and somewhat embarrassed to draw in Gods. O__O


Added in the side buildings and finally decided to fill in the main hall.


First bits of green~ ❤


I thought of looking for galleries and whatnot to display my paintings and CM and Morgan Sensei said maybe I could do something with the backgrounds.

I got so excited until… I realised I only got like 2.5 pieces of work. (Sogenji Re-imagined and Asato Bashi Re-imagined.)

Surely someday yo. May the good gods bless me.

About Engakuji in Okinawa, And Yomochi Bridge AND THE PRINCE DWELLING!

Engakuji Reimagined

SO! I finally completed my piece on Engakuji (Okinawa) last night.

I actually cried at it. Will explain *ALL* about it in another post. In this, all (to my best of all) the cool stuff I learnt while looking for references. ❤

Currently, only parts of the gates and the bridge + pond inside had been restored.

Each time I was there, I had mistakenly imagined the place to be smaller. In fact, I had thought that the 2nd gate is the actual temple itself. ^^;;;

And this is the closest I found on how the whole grand place used to look like.


This is from a series of paintings by Nozu Tadaichi (野津唯市).

“February 1927, He was born in Tamanoi, Terashima, Mukouzima-ku, Old Tokyo city. Moved to Okinawa in 1937. He grew up in the old Naha Wakasa-cho, Osato-old village character Yonabaru.”

-Webpage by his grandchildren here.

Mr Nozo’s work can also be found here. And the grandchild who made the website runs a cafe in Nanjo area. It looks sO lovely my heart burst!! ❤

Engakuji Ruins Topview:

Took the photos from here and they are dated May 1972. It appeared that restoration had been on-going but…


The most bizarre of all is actually this, also dated May 1972. See that stone wall behind the stairs? It look impossible to fit in the 2nd gate and way too high as a base for the main Buddha Hall.


It looks like it is from Engakuji but at the same time very strange. Also, it appeared that it had been removed too.

Water Blessing:

This really got me hyped up. Apparently, an old tradition had been revived recently.



A great account here in Taiwanese Chinese. Official site here.

Every year, during the Ryukyu Era, water will be collected at Hedo and transported to Shuri Castle as a blessing and praying for goodness.

Now I see why there is an incense holder at the doors of Engakuji.

Engakuji Model:



From a blog entry here.

Dairy on Engakuji:

I came across this other amazing thing on a blog post, seems to me that it belongs to an older person.

ryutanyomotibas2i.jpgYomochi Bashi (世持橋).

This is a little further from Engakuji, being part of Ryutan, and thing is, I also love the Ryutan A LOT. My white RyuDuck is there. ❤

All these is getting a little crazy coz… one of my favourite spot to sit at technically overlooks the Yomochi Bashi and that is some significant bridge. This is how Yomochi Bashi looks like now.


Photo source here.


Photo source here.


Photo source here.


Photo source here.

This illustration actually got me curious about the middle bridge in Ryutan. No info on it yet. Anyone can help?

And the last bit!

Nakagusuku Udun, the Crown Prince/heir-to-throne’s stay. Would really love to go there soon. It is currently not restored yet.

Old photos from here.

My home 1

My home 2

Student model:


From this blog here and this helped a lot in the bell tower. However, with all the various sources, I have 2 bells in my drawing. xD

Curved Stairs:

I actually discover something from this blog entry.



Notice how the stairs (this is the originalstairs that survived) looks regular from the front and only from the side the gentle curve is seen?

The author of the blog mentioned to look around Shuri Castle and there are more of such examples.

On thing are the walls of Shuri Castle.

Other than the aesthetic beauty, the other thing is, that way the castle walls are stronger and it would be more difficult for intruders to scale the walls. And sure enough, adds to the difficulty of construction.

Ancient Map:


Source here.

Seems like some changes happened around too. Notice that little house on the right of the pond (first enclosure)? I read that the community bell (aka Clock) used to be there, but folks soon find that at lower grounds, the bell don’t resonate as well, so it was moved up. And later on, it seems like the bell (or a new one) was attached to the side of the main hall.



Ok, so there are really a few bells in Engakuji. Middle bell in the bell tower and right bell in the front of the main hall.

I found a lot of amazing old photographs online, better to look with “旧円覚寺 沖縄”. This is one of the very detailed site I found, they even talk about the first abbot.

This is on a Yahoo page. I really love this a lot. I stared at it for a long time. ❤


From here. Main Hall.





Art & Music

OH! Did I got you in the title?! xD

Ok, something really awesome happened, FOR REAL.

While looking up Engakuji (Okinawa) for reference pictures to paint, I got to know that… the Crown Prince (or next heir to the throne) used to stay pretty close to the main castle. It is named 中城御殿 (Nakagusuku Udun).

I had saw it a few times on the vicinity map but simply thought that they were pointing out the general direction of 中城城 (Nakagusuku Castle). Notice how the first two Kanji are the same? And my mind just shuts out the rest. xD

It was just sO overwhelming to look into the history and old picture of Shuri Castle. I actually got so excited I was unable to sleep last night. =D

So! I got started on my new brushes!

They are lovely and I am still getting use to the slightly stiffer bristles.

Daiso’s in-house poster colour blends perfectly with my Sakura’s.

This is how I get the stone work effect. (There are other pictures in this set!)

Wow~ but actually this painting was difficult coz there are some REALLY tiny areas. Love how it all turns out though! ❤

This cover popped up my suggest list and BOY! I love it sO much! Was basically on repeat the whole time. ❤

I don’t know why but I felt compelled to look up this video of Naoto. Frankly, the first time I watched it, I was like, marry me and nothing else went into me head.

Like yes, Naoto said some deep stuff. But it is deeper.

I think this is why I got such a huge liking towards him. Notice me Naoto!!!

And last and not least, I have to share this. When I got an email from Mindvalley, I thought they were just marketing things, but this is AWESOME stuff. I CRIED.

I am totally those that Bo Eason speak of, calling out people being lucky and all those, but on top of this, it is soul amazing that Bo believed in himself so much. This is something that we can all learn.

AND! Art Friend has been in Singapore for a LONG time. Only last Friday I walked in my life changed.

I got a new resolution today, that is, I am not gonna bitch about missing Okinawa and those. Like come on, in this life time I already reap sO much goodness from there I think I should focus on that instead.


Andddd ohhhh~ Until I figure out how to better mix my watercolours, I am sticking to poster colours. They are more vibrant and has enough transparency. ❤