ArtPeace 52 and 53

Bye guys, this blog will be Xingible Art Project from now on.

Thank you for all these years of support.

The Otaku Xingible, Orange Range Fangirl Xingible will now be gone…


HA. Ha. ha…

Well, just kidding.

I have so much in my mind to talk about, what I learned from teachers at Mindvalley, my Japanese class and just generally about life.

A few days back, my Mum just told me that when she was in primary school, she has this really hot teacher who will make them pass love notes to another married teacher. Since it was back in the 50s, 60s where teaching staff were so difficult to get, this hot teacher was let off with a warning.

She knew the other male teacher was married.

My Grandma happens to know this hot Sensei’s Mum too, so one time hot Sensei’s Mum got my Grandma some prawn paste chili sauce and left it the teachers’ dorm. Hot Sensei than came to my Mum and said, “hurry take the stinky chili sauce home!!!” O__O

As a child, I used to think that my Dad is the one with lotas interesting life stuff, and Mum was just plain in her own measure. However, as years go by, Mum is actually pretty crazy. I think my inherently crazy came from her.

For example, just the other day, she nicknamed my Dad Chow Yun-fat so she can “talk bad” about my Dad in front of him. Before I got the joke, she was already laughing so much to herself that she can’t continue.

And… Dad happened to be of the Cantonese dialect and do look somewhat like Chow Yun-fat. The pun is not unintended.

After all her damn jokes, one night Mum said to me, you are unfortunate (不幸: read as “bu xing,” literally NOT FORTUNATE) to have such a Mum eh? And my real given name is 宇幸 (read as “yu xing,” literally UNIVERSALLY FORTUNATE).


It just got me to wonder, a law lecturer with criminal law and family law background once told us that, the real bad happenings only has 3% of happening. Yet we are all living in fear.

I don’t mean that today we all shall just quit our jobs, duties and studies to go have fun.Just try to look more into the fun things of life.

If I were to forcefully pick one “regret” about life, it would be that I was so prepared for bad things happening, I missed out a fair share of living.

I wish there is a Life Manual somehow, but so far we all don’t have one, I suggest, let’s just be reasonably kind enough, love enough and live enough, with the intend to reach and connect with others. ❤

After all these years, I am quite surprised that I dropped off a large portion of my anger and all. All the times I was unreasonably treated got me to think and remember that when the life tests come, I MUST NEVER BE THAT **SAME** ASSHOLE I HATED.

That is alot!


ArtPeace 52

I cannot get over it that I crossed the 50th line.

*prepares a gratitude speech*

Day 1 of Inktober.


I am inspired by @lethalchris’s brown paper and white highlights.

Also I am adding this to my regular drawing numbers. xD

ArtPeace 53

Did I tell you guys that I cannot get over that I passed the 50th line??

I still remember that…

*prepares another gratitude speech*


Wooden frame progression.

I added tiles designs! 💟💟💟 #watercolours #水彩 #赤瓦

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Roof progression.

Roof!! #watercolours #赤瓦

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Initial sketch works.

I really adore how the roof tiles turned out, I was worrying right at the start if using PINK would be ok. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! =D

Akata Sundunchi was a real place and the history of it is pretty rad! The traditional festival of welcoming the Miruku Buddha was revived in 1994 after about 60 years of hiatus.


Inktober 2017!!!

It is October already!

I mean sooooooon.

Been wanting to take part in the Inktober Initiative and finally~~ ❤



My stuff so far! ❤


Recycled/Brown paper. I love them and the effect but any error means…

Pilot G1, 0.7 black and blue (yes, I got a pink ribbon on my black pen.)

Sakura Ballsign red

Sakura Gelly Roll white

Twin side Marker brush, forgot the brand. Maybe Pentel.

2B pencil and eraser

Will add in other colours as and when I think! 💟💟💟


Stuff all other pens and markers and ink instrument into my current pencil case. I have that Omamori since 2012. I just love it. ❤

And some art material galore!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Saw these amazing, AMAZING water colour boo at ArtFriend today. I WANT!!!

There is even this REALLY GORGEOUS tin card of postcards. Surely someday I be painting my own postcards and send them to… yes, you reading this, PLEASE BE MY FRIEND.

I am so friend-poor these days. I am sure I am not the obnoxious one. xDDD


Found the pad where one has to literally slice out each pieces. Doki dOki~~ ❤ ❤ ❤


And!!! 425 gsm!!! I felt like I was walking in a RPG and found rare gem. Would love to work with these papers someday~~ ❤ My kokorooooo~~ ❤ ❤ ❤


ArtPeace 50 and 51: Latte Cup Art



Let’s go back to ArtPeace 5~~!! I really thought everything was just gonna dissolve off quietly. I am also aware that I am repeating this every time I got a new piece. ^^;; But heck! I have come to terms that no one is reading this anymore and it is just my web dairy.

SO! Some weeks back, or just some time back, I got an idea to just draw on paper cups.

I remember seeing some Latte Cup Art on the web and I really love them! ❤ I want to create some myself and as always, there is just something romantic with Starbucks. For now, I cannot shake off the memories of staying in Starbucks to wait for my flights and just hanging about.

If I meet Naoto and he is really single and has some slight interest in me, I WILL ASK THAT BOY OUT FOR COFFEE AT A STARBUCKS.

Now, if I really meet him tomorrow, and the criteria match, I will just die from my own induced stress. Dear Naoto, if you are reading this, please ignore me.

OKAY!! First up!!!

From Yamato’s IG Story, it seems like he attended his schoolmates’ wedding. Kuni sama and him were schoolmates too. And they had like 4 or 5 other rounds of drinking after the dinner. And during which, they got so drunk and…

The last few snaps have them going home in the morning. O__O



Clothed version. Btw, I also bought an Onigiri that has all the rice grains DEHYDRATED. Like they weren’t dried, they were just powery. I spilled a huge mess at the table. I still ate it coz the Tuna Mayo filings were somehow delicious.

Infact, everything still tasted Onigiri enough, just that the rice were powdery, but they weren’t harden or anything.


A funny thing happened. There is a one-for-one thing going on for Venti-sized drinks and the barista asked if I would like to have another cup to go. I was alone. I told him that it is OK. He asked again if I really want to forgo it, moved a little, I asked if they can put a stamp or anything on the receipt and allow me to collect it another day. He got apologetic and said nope, the one-for-one is only only valid for the day.


Maybe he knew that I can drink up both.

AND!! This is the first time Singapore bought in Pumpkin Spice Latte. IT IS SO GOOD I CANNOT.


I am so in love with my own work, I wanted to bring this home. Halfway a pair of secondary school student came to sit near me, probably to use the power points. They are a pair of girl and guy, and they were at some RPG game on their laptops, where the lady is cleanly beating up the dude.

They were really, really lovely. I fell in love with them darlings.


And yeah, I was still joking to myself that I would need a Venti cup to draw the whole of Seiji san, coz he is really tall. Turned out, my joke came true. Also, he was sitting down in the picture.

Maybe this is virtual, but just how many things are real? People can even get married and have kids for the sake of it.

Sometimes, you just have to know yourself.

I enjoy what I do. I appreciate looking into these mens’ lives. ❤

To Read: October 2017 into 2018

Finally tidied my books!!! =D

They are only 58 unread books! So erm… I can probably still get more books in 2018. Heehaaaaaa~~~


Physical books; some, just some here was already read. Also… Can I don’t read one ENTIRE dictionary? Oh wait, I have too.


And boy!! I kept these since 2-0-1-0!! Me was huge fan of Daito Shunsuke. People who know me from the past would probably still ask about this. xD

AND FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!! I am just gonna say that, imagine my super surprise when I saw this. Taken December 2016, from Daito’s twitter I think.


Daito kun and Orange Range!!! ❤ ❤

And look at this cute face!! ❤


I do not know of anyone who is not slightly sick of my fangirling.

I think the only person who enjoy this is ME. So… Naoto I LOVE YOU. =D

I was slowww to get on idol chasing and only started so at the ripe old age of 22, when I started my Japanese classes formally and there was no way, like NO WAY that I can pretend to not see all these glamorous people anymore.

I like this one thing Morgan Sensei told me, young people must go do young people thing. Don’t only go to a disco when you are 60, with a mini skirt.

I say, go chase after ALL THE IDOLS!! It is part of life and you will know the hows.

Super nostalgic to re-read these magazines and remember how far I have come. And the once single thing was, back then, aspired to become a magazine photographer, I picked up a DSLR and that is part of my many old past travel memories.

I guess, it is best if we can go on one single track since young and build from there, but alas, that don’t usually happen in life for some, if not most people. I dropped a lot of what that used to amuse me, and also picked up A LOT of new things. My conclusion? Things and all change, just live. Your heart knows when you are happy.

“If someone isn’t what others want them to be, the others become angry. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Ok, me book list nao.


  • 一路吃下去
  • 用洗脸盆吃羊肉饭

These are Taiwanese-Chinese translation of Yusuke Ishida’s books, and I must admit, one reason I put on hold reading them is… I enjoy his books SO MUCH, so incredibly MUCH~~~ I don’t want this journey to end.

And then I forgot about them. ^^;;;


  • ピアノの森 19
  • ピアノの森 20
  • ピアノの森 21
  • ピアノの森 22
  • ピアノの森 23
  • ピアノの森 24
  • ピアノの森 25
  • ピアノの森 26

Book 19 was bought back in 2009-ish, 26 recently. ^^;;; AND! I got Book 1 when I was 14!!!!!! I think this is one series that walked with me since forever. 16 years. Dear god. And there was so many memories with it, like travelling around the island to search for book 8 which turned into a S-E-V-E-N year hiatus. At then, I went, what am I gonna do with me life???? ;__;


  • 大東俊介事典
  • Orange Range 縁本
  • OR by BP
  • Potato Sept 2016
  • Cool Boys 特別編集 大東俊介
  • BarfOut! Dec 2010
  • ROOKIES -卒業-

I am sorry Daito… another compliation of his dairy of 3 years is already up and probably SOLD OUT. A FEW YEARS BACK. Yes. And Orange Range also got a new album and is on tour again. Yes.

Also I apologise deeply for not reading something since 2010.

Business Japanese

  • ビジネス文書の書き方とまなー
  • 超・箇条書き

Initially I had no lines for these, but that would appear like I really don’t care. Again.

Japanese Learning N1

  • 短期マスター(日本語能力試験ドリル)
  • 日本語総まとめ N1 文法
  • 日本語総まとめ N1 読解
  • 日本語総まとめ N1 聴解
  • 日本語総まとめ N1 語彙
  • 日本語総まとめ N1 漢字
  • 新完全マスター N1 文法
  • 新完全マスター N1 語彙

These will probably be the only set of books that I will still stall on. Since it is N2 and Biz Jpn for me nao.

Japanese Learning N2

  • N2 読む
  • 新完全マスター N2 文法
  • 新完全マスター N2 語彙
  • 新完全マスター N2 読解
  • 漢字マスター N2
  • 日本語能力試験 N2 模擬試験
  • Japanese Dictionary

Visiting all these frequently! Sort of!!! Yeah. This also explains why I still haven’t gotten my N2.

Korean Learning

  • Easy to Speak Korean
  • Ewha Korean 1-1
  • Ewha Korean WB 1-1
  • Ewha Korean 1-2
  • Ewha Korean WB 1-2
  • 500 Basic Korean Verbs

The other set of books that I will again stall. It has been SEVEN LONG years, add this to EIGHT in a few months. Maybe some will think that I am giving excuses and sugar coating things, but… I actually enjoy all the love that still continued on since my Summer School from seven years ago?

It is just this special. I can’t even.

And really, LIFE IS LONG if you think about it. At times THE Time is just not here yet. Don’t go force yourself and all those.

Recently I got a new rekindling to study Korean; the Ryukyuan has little written records of their history, one source is actually from Korean history when they detailed trades and diplomatic meetings with the Ryukyuans. =D

Hooooo~~~ something is calling me!!


  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
  • The Art of Thinking Clearly
  • The Power of Habit
  • Onward
  • Made to Stick
  • Autobiography of a Yogi
  • The 4 Hour Work Week
  • Losing my Virgnity, How I Survive
  • Top 10 Cultural Hacks (Xpill Guy)
  • The War of Art
  • Perception (Franziska & Christo)
  • Mindfrick
  • As a Man Thinketh
  • Science of Getting Rich
  • The Mastery of Love Guide to the Art of Relationship
  • Thnk and Grow Rich
  • Thought Vibration
  • Thoughts are Things

Those in blue are e-books. I am very excited to read them all.

And current muse!!


Btw, I ain’t saying that this a good thing but neither do I think it is bad. It is just as it is.

I am born in the late 80s. People call us the last generation who still played outside, used landlines, and music was still on MTV~~ (Singapore has that shown here too). And then, in our teens to early adulthood, we witnessed the rise of internets and smart phones and all those.

So in a way, travels, setting up a company and all those once impossible things were suddenly possible in the prime of our time. Also, we are better educated than before.

Together with baby boomers as parents, we too have a interesting view towards money.

And at this point! Me is no social expert! Just some observation and readings I got.

It is okay to dream, it is possible to get lost in this strange, strange generation. Don’t beat yourself up. Just remember to look out the surroundings at times. Life is probably speaking to you. Remember the hearing of your own heart.

Amidst all these, I am actually grateful that an ancient Ryukyu reached to me. Still I am not getting money or a mate yet, but may you, yes, YOU reading this, will always have something in this miraculous world that makes your heart twang.

Oh yeah, a bookmark I found. It is a REAL Starbucks card I gotten for free. I really love it. It reminds me of Naoto somehow. PICK –> Guitar Pick, Naoto is guitarist.


New week tomorrow!!

Gonna get a pair of new work shoes. ❤

ArtPeace 49: My First Gusuku!! =D


Tadahhh!!! I really, really, REALLY love this!! =D

I had thought that it was not possible to put in Gusuku on my drawing paper as they often stretch out long. I had a time squeezing in Engakuji the first time. By the way, Gusuku means “Castle” in Uchinaaguchi, also known as the Okinawan language.

I read that the origins of Gusuku is rather unknown. Are they fortresses, residential, a place of worship or a combination of 2 or more. Since it is weird that people would put sacred sites at a warring castle.

I also got to know this Ryukyu Otaku a few days back and he told me, at times it was that the sacred sites were first established. And seeing that these hilly places are good for a castle, the lords and whonot then just built their Gusuku enclosing these praying sites.

Very interesting eh!!


First sketch!!! And see how everything spilled out of the paper outline. xD

According to Samurai Archives, Itokazu Castle is the 3rd largest Castles after Shuri Castle and Nakijin Castle. A few of the castle’s attractions are that its walls were compared to a dancing dragon (walls followed after the natural ups and downs of the terrain.) and there were two watch towers. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any reference pictures of Ryukyuan watch towers yet.

What really fascinated me is that while the door ways have neatly cut stones (kiri-ishi-zumi), rest of the walls has less regularly cut stones and uncut stone pilings (nozura-zumi)! And they even made use of natural rocks as part of the wall.




First sketch.


Some contouring on the rock.


I first brushed on water on the rocks then the water colours and there, the fuzzy white parts are created.


Whites and brown greys for light and dark areas on the rock.


The orange here is actually FLUORESCENT. Like highlighter bright. No idea why it looks normal on photos though.

Adding on the wood details!! =D


Found this tiny, tiny artist impression of the original castle on the web here.


Aerial photo from here.


Google map:

A Year Later in Business Japanese Class

7 more lessons to the end of my 3rd Business Japanese class; 8 week, 8 weeks and now 16 weeks.

I still remember clearly that 5 minutes into my first class, I was thinking how can I ask to be dropped out.

It was that.

There was much agonies and equally much spark of drives which all diminished as soon as they started. And strange enough, I don’t know why, I just got on.

The best that I got to motivate myself is that, this round I am learning Japanese IN JAPANESE. This is something that I don’t get as much even in Pre-Advance classes.

I continued on struggling until some weeks back. I was performing so badly, I thought… maybe I should just hide in the cafe during lesson times and lied to everyone that I am indeed attending classes.

Then crazy enough, I thought, if all that I did didn’t work, maybe it is time to change my strategy. And since what I did was NO good, it just mean I should do the opposite right??


This entirely didn’t made any sense coz during that particularly bad lesson, I was so behind everyone, Mi Sensei had to skip me for a bit. So… how can I even add to my class?

And then I just did. Even just by starting to sit straighter than usual.

Miraculously, everything fall into place.

I too begun talking to my classmates. Then another lady sat beside me. They are all warm people. It is really, REALLY strange, I find that once people start talking, we all actually click. Yeah.

Today I was the first person to answer Sensei where we stopped last week and what I studied during my own hours was put to use in class. I felt like the champion kid at that moment. =D

My Japanese learning journey has always been an interesting one. So much that I don’t have words for it. I am just… living it. It is my life story already.

Entering this Business Japanese class is the latest best thing I did on this learning journey.

I am happy. ❤


My First Taxi Ride in Malaysia and How People Became Angels

So, before I knew it, this was my 4th time to Malaysia, in recent years. In these few weeks.

Dawn is right, that crossing borders just has this special good feeling.

As I grow older, I only confirm that my favourite cuisine is after all Asian-Western food. Yeah. This is weird but really yeah, it is so.

I especially like Japanese-Western food and South-East-Asian-Western food further more feels at home. I am excited to meet Chu one day in the United States and eat authentic American food. Namely CHEESE fries and strawberry milk shake. =D


30 year anniversary! Me is 30 years old too. 30 years is quite a lot of time, yet, compared to all my other ages, TODAY is the day I feel that there are so many things to look forward to. Like help, I feel like I was just born yesterday.

But everything is in a lovely way. Dear Kami Sama… like I am starting to **understand** that at times bad things happen to me for a bigger learning. I AM ZEN.


This is Teh Tarik, this is love. Teh = Tea, Tarik = Pull. This is how —>

But usually with just ONE mug to one mug and minus the dance.

Morgan Sensei is great at that too. He used to Tarik my tea back in the office. ;__; WONDERFUL LOVING GUY!!!

Anyway, talking about food… I think people are all inherently good, they only become nasty when they break their balance. An ex-friend taught me something really valuable. She told me that, she REALLY, REALLY, like very REALLY hates it when her ex goes nitpicking about food.

She said, meal times are GREAT TIMES! Let alone meal times with people you love. And yet he is being such a disgusting jerk.

You guys know what?? Meal times are really magical time.

The only thing that will get me to un-love Naoto is when I find out that he doesn’t like food. Or goes on a bitch fit when it comes to food. BUT! Naoto is an angel right??! RIGHT.

Look, this is Naoto looking at food instead of taking pictures. HE MUST BE NICE.

So, it is just a blessing to be with people who love food, and is generous. I lost count of how many times Dawn treated me. And she always treat me good food and luxuriously. And she will part at least 50% of her food to me.

I am beginning to wonder if it is me who eats wayyyy more than everyone else.

Do I??

I always have a fond memory towards onion rings. I was naturally a picky eater and once I spit out an onion ring after the first bite. My loving cousin (in her 20s, and me barely 7) than ate it.


I think subconsciously it just got on me that I HAVE TO LOVE onion rings.


By the way, we were expecting a **TINY** plate but look how generous.


Dawn’s passion fruit lemon tea. NICE.


Also Dawn’s cheese, cream, tomato and something something prawn spaghetti. SO GOOD. Which she gave me half.


CHEESE STICKS. I ate the last few when they are cooled. YET SO GOOD. I grew another stomach for them.


Cheese is love. I really love baked cheese dishes. They are so gooooood.


Honey water we got later at the herbal shop.


I am not even kidding!! It is just niceeeee honey!!! O__O

Also I need to start on my the continuation of my self-help thingy. And it is self-development actually. I really hate the term self-help, it sounds like I need help and/or anyone need the help.

Life just have a lot of learning right? Learning from a friend over lunch doesn’t mean I am in need of help right? So why then do reading a book written for goodness a sign for help?


OH! And yes, fluorescent orange!!! Super excited about my new projects. And at the same time, so little time, no time for everything. xD Just kidding.

And oooohhhh… this self development journey is so interesting, so amazing, I am excited to share about it.

Usually went directly to only Aeon Mall (Bukit Indah) but today we took a taxi to another mall, Mydin (Bazar Mydin Anjung Nusajaya). Wefie! My first taxi right in Malaysia. Also my first taxi ride outside Singapore I think.


Also, Dawn is super cool.

Upon entering a mall, the security required us to put our bags in the locker and/or use cable ties on our bags. At this point, one shopping bag was already locked in the locker.

AND THEN!!! Dawn told the security that how about let us just be?? And we will just gladly show our bags at the end of the shopping.

The otherwise pretty solemn personnel immediately soften and let out a smile. We even took back the locked shopping bag.

为什么 Dawn 酱 cool 的?

And she also called Naoto as NaRUto by mistake. I DIED.

The hilarious part is… the Naruto series (title of an Manga turned Anime) really had Orange Range’s Viva Rock as one of their ending theme song.


The return part was somewhat crazy. We were told by the previous taxi uncle that the Causeway Link buses do stop in front of this mall. But… there are no bus stop sign and all. We were just waiting by the roads. O__O


Wefie worthy time.


I also couldn’t close my umbrella when I boarded the bus. Has to use some magic.

Anyway, Dawn told me a lot of stuff today. Stuff that only BFFs tell each other. And I don’t know how those stuff will grow on me, if at all. Thing is, I think this is how people become angels. Like truly, from the bottom of their heart they tell you nice things, but the kind of nice things that you probably don’t want to hear.

And finally when they really do grow, I will be thankful to those words.