Teaching Day 000 Log; Eats and Life Teaching at a Pre-School

Yes. The next post will be Teaching Day 001 and so forth.

Surely it ain’t Day 000 per say, I can count back in time but just gonna start as Day 000 from now.

First up, Kiseki-worthy. So far, it seems like parents either sign their child up right after the trial classes or never. And then, there was this lovely little girl who joined us about a month after her trial class.

It was pretty much one of my most memorable trial class day. The morning class had 6 energetic boys who dismantled my block robot in 0.5 seconds to build theirs and the afternoons has 6 lovely little girls and the whole atmosphere was just different and that caught me off guard. After all, I had only the grand total of that ONE previous class of teaching experience.


New year cookies that the little girl’s Mum bought for us.

I was thrilled to have her back in my class and I totally danced in front of my boss and colleagues when they told me so.


Lovely sunset in the evening behind my house. Yeah, I live in apartments but I still call it a “house.”


There is a never ending source of cute and unique stationery in the office/school.


There is butter in the centre of these sandwiches. WHY.


Rainbow in the train. Been doing some Japanese in the train as and when. Changing school did me great help.


Had also been treating myself a lot. ❀ ε―ΏεΈι£ŸγΉγŸγ„οΌ


Finally printed my stuff out. The printing shop aunty is a gem!



Been treating myself a lot.

Btw, Chu if you are reading this, my two-tone puzzles art project is not gonna happen anytime soon. Remember this because I was chatting with Chu on FB while I was at this.



Just realise that these papers are of 70gsm. Should have gotten 80gsm!!


Finally, Samsung’s update on the Gallery got all thumbnails to be blurry. Which is bahhhh. I hope they update it again soon!!!



ArtPeace 3: Ryukyu no Tsukai


Wooo!! I actually managed to create a time pocket for this!!!



I actually didn’t know about my photo being reposted until a friend on IG told me so. =O

This is really why I will keep drawing, I love all these connections with people!!!

And yes, I really, REALLY, REALLy love Kisekk by Greeeen! It is magic to hear it covered by a Sanshin!! ❀ ❀ ❀ THANK YOU CHRIS AND CHAKI!! ❀ ❀ ❀

My First Japanese Lesson

So! I started lessons at Ikoma.

I never thought it would happen but I missed Mi Sensei. How did that happened??! xD

Thank you for EVERYTHING Mi Sensei!


And my classroom is on the 20th floor. First sat at where ALL Anime character always sit at but since the class is smaller, I moved to the 2nd row. And took the WHOLE table for 3 person for myself.

Main Character.jpg

The first shock was, at the start the teacher (she is also a Ms ABE!) and everyone were going through part of their homework from last week. Over the years of study, I find myself at a stage where I actually know A LOT yet can’t churn out full sentences. Especially to make them concise.

A little thought slipped through my mind…

Is this class suitable??? For me…???

Then came the pair works.


There is no way that I can pretend to be alone and !!!!!!

Dear Ebibody,

I did all of you proud. Totally enguaged in class in full Japanese today and volunteered to answer questions IN MY OWN WORDS. Like including going up the board to write answers.

I was interesting, made other laughed and the teacher was totally surprised as it was my first class today.

Also, I told my partner and Sensei that Kakkoi people are trustworthy.

I might be the only Kawaii Otaku in class. For now.

I thought of Mi Sensei and she be proud that I watched my manners. I never thought that I would miss her this way!!!

Coolest Xingible.

From my FB last night.

So, there were listening practice, DICTATION and great focus on grammar and vocabulary. And homework.



Back in my old school, Mi Sensei had told us a few times that she wants us to become lovable people in a Japanese environment, especially in a Business setting.

Frankly, I had thought that, “well, I don’t NEED that!”

Only now that I start to get her effort. Will talk about this soon!!! ❀

Ps:/ Btw, I really recommend the Biz Japanese Class at Bunka Language taught by Mizusaki Sensei. IT WILL TOTALLY CHANGE HOW YOU HAVE BEEN LEARNING JAPANESE.

“I know! You are Teacher Yuxing”

First up! Posting this that Chu drew. WithOUT her permission.



And the title is all because… a child remembers my name.

On our last lesson, I was miming some actions like sweeping the floor and all those. I guess a child thought I was asking who am I or something. He went up to me and said, “I know, you are Teacher Yuxing. Teacher Yuxing!

In the best English equivalent, “Yuxing” is a little like when we pronounce “th” and “ph,” together with the intonation and etc, it had seems to me that many people need some practice before getting it. If ever getting it at all.

So, I was really, REALLY surprised.

And to add on, this little boy is one of those really curious children around, so much that they (they bcoz they are a pair of twins) would take out the printed materials from my card case and make little tears to see what a tear is like.


It was sure maddening considering that I had been bringing work home and going to work early to get things done up. (By the way, we also gotten more staff so situation like this will ease greatly.)

Then I remind myself, it is actually a lapse on my part (but not blaming all things on myself!) that I cannot explain to the children in time to keep things neat. And to get angry just because I think my work is not valued is just wayyy too self-centred.

Also, right about every child loves to draw and do their little art.


By a 6 year old girl, this is an OLDEN DAYS BOOK DROP.


Another 6 year old girl.

It has finally settled on me that her esteem is needing some healing. At this age she is “scared” to do worksheets and during activities she tend to thinks that she is the last in class. All these is happening when she is actually one of the brightest child around.

I heard that in school she had been told that she is slow and she took it in.

By the way, these sketching happened on laminated sheets because these children got the listening comprehension printed behind right on first time. And while others was needing some help, they drew.

Of coz, such scribbling happens and it is quite a task to clean them. I need to first clean them off with a whiteboard cleaner, and then the remaining stain with a multi-purpose kitchen cleaner, which dries my hands like crazy. xD


At times my arm actually ache from these.

Also… it is strange but the very child who did those scribbles, would sometimes clean my boards squeakily clean.


All these cleaning can take up quite a bit of time.



Yup, same angle coz done by the same kid. xD

Feeling Thankful and Hurting a Little at the SAME TIME

Me has been told at least a thousand million times that I am too nice. That is something I can work on until I figure out how.

So, at times, some children would take my items and run around, eg. experimenting with tearing them and whatnot. I had tried taking them back but some children had reacted with pulling it back with all their might. Also, being nice still had them smiling at me and tearing the paper.

It is crazy but my take is, I can’t fight a child on this. Unless it concerns something really important.

And when this happens, among them children, among their kind hearts, they all seem to have this unspoken agreement on being kind to each other; one child would firmly take my item back and give it to me.

There will be no resistance and the “aggressor” would appear embarrassed and totally snap back to be nice.

It is a strange, strange thing. I think this is about how everyone is born kind.

So why am I hurt? In both sense.

One part is that I relied on another child to HELP ME. And then, wrong as the other child, it sucks to see them feeling bad about what they did.


Especially in one of my classes, we always manage to find time for some Origami.

And look how amazingly the children progressed.


A child folded her paper this way so she can get a bow when she unfold what she cut out.


The green “star” is actually part of a tree, the child also made the trunk, and stabled it on a cardboard. This cardboard is also the support for the bag of Origami paper. xD

Nao! Brag Fest!

I taught a few kids how to draw a star. And so far, a GRAND TOTAL of TWO CHILDREN had called our school their BEST CLASS. Another child who is often quiet in class spoke out to me FOR THE FIRST TIME WITHOUT PROMOTING.

You are welcomed! ❀ ❀ ❀

Colleague GODDESS

Yup, we got a new colleague and she is a GODDESS.

For now I am literally copying after her. Like playing tic-tac-toe when a child arrives early for class, talking to their soft toys if they bought one to class and all those. This is the first time I am working with someone who work so well with a children. AMAZING.

Happy 31st to Me! <3

Today is the 3rd of February. Exactly a month to my 31st birthday and there are only 28 days in February.

Unlike last year where I woke up to the Okinawan sun and sea in Chatan, this year I would be at work. Working with little pre-schoolers. It is hard to remember that once upon a time, we were equally magical and innocent people. I think I still am, but more awesome. xD Working at this job feels like, I got another go in life. An ultimate cheat.

I drew some stuff on my board today in class, but I was in such a rush to prepare for tomorrow, I chose NOT to take a picture.

Maybe on my 32nd birthday, I would think back fondly that I spent my 31st birthday surrounded by little children and a beautiful squad, like how I am thinking back on the immense fortune to have spent my birthday MONTH in Okinawa last year.

May all of us always get to realise the blessing of NOW.


Ps:/ This was from Toguchi Beach. Yamato played the Sanshin against this background. MY LIFE IS MADE.

Interview in Japanese

I did you guys proud!

I had a consultation with a Japanese teacher and… I am now calling her a “Japanese Teacher” because I didn’t ask for her name. O__O Or that I just didn’t catch it.

But still, hear me out.

Poor as my Japanese was, I had my interview all in NIHONGO.

I didn’t asked her to please speak in English nor if I can use English. Please be proud of me.


I was really impressed with the reception area of Ikoma. Like view of Orchard Road!!

I read somewhere that a lobby/reception area is actually one of the most important places, for that is where the first impress comes about. And it also speak about the organisation.

And… after much of the interview, there was no way that they could put me in a N1 preparatory class. And there weren’t any suitable slot for N2. Just when I thought that all is lost… They suggest that I continue on a Pre-Advance course.

I was a little reluctant at first, but then everything set in.

I had heard this before and I myself actually got children’s’ book for this reason; that N1 is built on N2, N2 on N3 and so forth. Without N2, it is a waste of time and money to put myself in a N1 class.

Then, it just all fit in.


Me is a student at Ikoma now.

The most convincing thing was, the N1 Prep Course teacher actually sat down with me and explain the class content and textbook used, although it is not her class!! ❀



I hate to say this but I did feel like I got “demoted.”

I forgot what was the analogy used but it was something along the lines of, at times you need to pull back in order to go forward. Ah! Like the bow and arrow.

Yes, me is bow and arrow.



A Deep Gratitude

My first SERIOUS look into Gratitude was back in 2012.

While I had done those daily gratitude logs and whatnots, I must say, it was never a KABOOMZ moment for me. I recently learnt from Prof Rao that it is a FEELING exercise, rather than an intellectual exercise. Like, literally go FEEL it.

It is not like I don’t FEEL gratitude, more like, I am always looking for something better. And now that I am typing this, I realise what is the deal.


For now, the entire bulk of my work “stress” lies on my Sunday classes. And by the time it all finishes, I will prepare for another week of the same thing. Still, I must say that this is one of the MOST, MOST, MOST fulfilling and humanity + thing I am doing since me has life.


This is Mr Shiro, one of our assistant teacher, he does dangerous demonstration like falling off the table to show that one should not sit at a table corner.

Today I introduce him and a little girl said, “But he can’t talk! How can he be a teacher??”

Every child is born a genius -A. Einstein

While I do believe A LOT in the school’s curriculum, a very *tiny* voice inside me also whisper that I must be careful to not impose my own grown-up models on children.


A boat I made with a 5 year old girl in the class I assisted.

I first met V at the trial class. She cried, want her Mum in and frankly I thought she is gonna be one of the child who turned out to be “not ready” for pre-school yet. And while she is everything a child her age, she had at first seemed to me to be so delicate.

It all started when, although she was crying and clinging to her Mum, she got up, held my hand and hopped and skipped with me during the game.

She would still get tense and teared up but it very soon weaned and during that whole time (the lovely Mum had already left and trust us with her little baby) I was with her. At one point I sat kneeling down and she sat on my thigh. It wasn’t a flat place for her to sit and she was actually totally trying to prop herself up just to be close.

Yes, I am putting it in a very dramatic way, but… every second I feel like these children are saving my life. I mean this in a loving way, I wish that everyone of you reading this will live such a magical moment one day. If not, go be another person’s light. Sometimes when Santa didn’t get you present, it just means that you CAN BE Santa.

After the trial class meeting, I thought I wouldn’t be in that class anymore.

Recently the class got really popular and I was again back assisting.


Dear V recognised me and smiled at me, like those of an old friend’s.

I am crying now.

It continue happening and I feel like all the Kami Sama notice me. ;___;

Usually I feel un-connected with the kids in classes I assist, but this class is somehow special. I can say I am jealous that I am not teaching them. x’D

The really lovely thing about working with children is, every way and in every sense, everyone is real. Yes, some kids will try to “lie,” but since their hearts cannot do that, they will end up laughing about it.

I thank YOU for allowing me into all of your young and beautiful lives.

Good Thing, Bad Thing, Who Knows?

So, I had this game for my class this week.

Boss was happy about it, colleague is excited about it and me totally hyped about it.


I can safely say I went to work early everyday for a week and went home late on ONE day happily and willingly to prepare for the game.

Boss once told me this, when she bought her young children to Disneyland, LIKE THE ORIGINAL MAGICAL DISNEYLAND, her kids actually didn’t enjoy it as much, for “children enjoy simple things.”

This conversation only happened less than 3 months ago and I totally didn’t get what Boss was saying. Like… how can that even happen? I mean, I can LIVE in Disneyland if possible!! O__O


All that was expected from the REALLY AMAZING game didn’t materialised. I can even say that some children was not surprised at all. Yes, they love the hands-on nevertheless, just…


I was disappointed at myself I think my morale depleted at one point. I was just in blank. I said something give-up-ish and eventually it all came back to me that;

Dear Morgan Sensei had told me that, “Children will be children. If a child behaves likes an adult, there is when it is scary, you might want to run away as fast as you can.”


Then everything returns.

Notice I gotta tape my secret note back?

Well, one boy tore it while reading it to find the magic ship. Sure, it appears unseemly. Like why would a child…

Notice that I made tear lines on this paper for a rugged look?

Maybe he had never handle something like this, for I am pretty sure that he has lovely clean books at home and school. Reasonable that he would want to make and see tear line for himself.

I think, sometimes the Universe has ways to tell us things. Indeed it only appear crazy that some kids are “out of control.” What if, just what if I am reading them with tainted mental models?

For if we experience anger, it is only because there are anger in us.

I will work harder about this. Thank you for being the messengers for me.


And look! I got to work with vanguard sheets. Not sure if there are other names but they are 200 gsm coloured paper, the length is already over 50cm. =D

I love big and colourful things!!! ❀ ❀ ❀

A New Student

One of the thrills of being a teacher here is, when a child/parent sign up for a term right after a trial class, it feels like I done a super great job. Like, yes, the whole universe can clap for me.

And on the same hand, while there are often legit reasons for not signing up, like a child already surpassed the school’s teaching, I (and often we) would somehow feel a little pinch.

I miss a particular boy for 2 weeks. He is one of those children who are a little bigger than peers of his age.

During one of those “uncontrollable” class, I asked if the kids were in Year x, and they can imagine themselves being teachers and I am in a lower form, so can they teach meΒ  this round.

For some reason, something was triggered.

Dear B in the future, I hope you see it soon enough that you have got a model’s height already. It will be the envy of many people.

And this leads to, while we can have the best intentions, we never know how another person can receive it.

Now, today I got a girl from a trial class a MONTH back. I was literally dancing in the school when I got to know that she will now be an official student.


Today she was chatting with me in the class, telling me about princess and tall crowns with hidden robots.

Halfway she asked if I know anything about poison apples, those that kills people. And a dead person looks like the stick figure I drew.

I freaking drew myself to illustrate how tall are those Greece columns.




I received a drawing from a student.

My life is made.

Now I can move on to marry Naoto.

Ever notice that some children just likes you A LOT. It is something ever so priceless, for it is true love. I am crying now.

Little M was drawing this and telling us that her favourite princess is Belle. And that is because other than pink another of her favourite colour is yellow and her Mum’s favourite colour is red.

One of the strange things I picked up from the children is actually their favourite colours. Like, to the extend of totally giving the right colour papers to every child in my class.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Zhao Sensei to moushimasu.


And I since a child, I always think that Belle’s dress looks like a pudding.


And actually the drawing was given to my colleague who helped out today.

I think either she heard me crying silently and/or that sensed my suffocating jealousy, she quickly told the child to give to Teacher Yuxing instead. Feeling all shy about it, I was given the drawing.

And again, I wish that everyone know that it is safe, right and good to receive love.

I have been folding up paper sO randomly, I think it will be messy to trace them like how I labelled my artpeaces.

And look! A box!


Double-sided colour paper is the rad.


Me and my Japanese snacks continues.


And I have been eating this knife-cut noodles every week for a month. Plus the chicken gyoza.



“Knife-cut noodle with less chili eh.”

I am famous!!!